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Who wins?

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kick ass stomps. this is spite lol
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Phoenix Jones Super Spite 
Phoenix Jones does not condone other people dressing up and fighting crime. He says that all members of the Rain City Superhero Movement have a military and/or mixed martial arts background.

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@DMRxxASSASSIN: If you look at Jones you can see that he
1. He has a military record
2. He has actual weapons; tear gas, Baton w/ tazer
3. He seems much stronger
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lmao a Real person can beat da sh!t out of a comic character!LMAO

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After Phoenix Jones revealed his Identity it was shown that he was an MMA Fighter but Kick-ass did hold his own against 3 guys so...

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Unless I'm missing something from Kickass 2, Jones is a much better fighter, has a more armored costume, has more experience, and is just physically above what a scrawny teenage boy would be.

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Jones wins very easily..

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Jones tazes Dave to the ground..

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Kick Ass

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Phoenix Jones is not the brightest crayon in the box (due to his real world insanity) but he takes the fight

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Phoenix Jones has the advantage but Kick-Ass is one lucky f*cker. Who knows?

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Jones has better weaponry, and is a greater fighter, and is ex-military..Dave is a skinny teenaged boy with delusional vision..