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Battlefield is the post apocalyptic world. Both are in character. After decimating a hooligan horde Raoh starts to make his way to toward their Kings fortress to dethrone him. As he starts again upon his unwavering path he runs into Kenpachi. Zaraki is heading the opposite direction to seek out the one whose power he sensed in the area in hopes of a worthy and glorious battle. Both stop 20 yards from each other and refuse to move aside. Thus the battle begins. Who wins?


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Battle of the beasts! Ken lifted half a building with one hand, but he never really uses his speed. I can see this going either way, but have only seen a few Raoh clips.

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touki + kenny = kaboom

muso tensei + kenny = kaboom

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Roah gets killed by spirit pressure

If we don't count spirit pressure Roah gets scarred shitless by Zarakis killing intent and gets heart attack

If Mountain could scare Roah Zaraki will definitely give him heart attack

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Same could be said with Zaraki and touki


oh and

been done