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So it's as the title says



Kung Lao

-Both have three months prep time.

-It's best two out of three (knockout only, no death).

-Lao's hat does not have its razor's edge, but he can use it as a weapon in a similar way that Captain America uses his shield.

-Fight takes place in a Roman-like coliseum (Idea from Mortal Kombat 9).

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Hmmm...you nerfed KL a bit. I think this would be a pretty even bout.

I don't think KL out skills Ken (IMO they are even), but I think KL's powers are more versatile than Ken's. Teleportation, vaccuum suction with his spin (which also deflects/reflects physical attacks), and he can control his hat in combat to hit from any angle. Ken's abilities are a little more straight forward but still potent.

I think in the end it would be 2/1 KL.