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An all out brawl in deep space! I'm gonna go with Kent. Who do you think will be victorius?
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Kal Kent would Silver Surfer. Kal Kent's raw power is just too great for Surfer even the idea of Surfer altering Kal on a molecular level is out of the question... not only is he far more duarble than the Silver Age Superman he is faster and he possess 5th Dimensional powers that could have some very lasting effects on Surfer

Kal Kent wins
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kent ftp.

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This fight has given me an idea
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Kal Kent

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Kal easily

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Its Back....
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If they're in deep space then kal is seperated from the sun so he would just be losing power so I'm going with silver surfer

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Silver Surfer wins...

Kal Kent is stronger, more agile, maybe more durable. He also has 5th dimensional powers and is resistant to kryptonite, magic, and red sun radiation. But the Surfer is faster, and can still solar drain him. No matter how strong he is, kal is still a kryptonian. Therefore he loses

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Loving the time gaps between the posts.