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Kakashi Hatake


Kisame Hishigaki


  • Standard gear (Kisame has Samehada)
  • Morals are on
  • Win by KO/Death/Incapacitation
  • Random encounter


  • Both begin visible
  • Begin 50 feet apart
  • Fight takes place here:

Who wins and why?

***Am willing to update the OP if this is unfair***

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Kamui ftw

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I think if Kakashi doesn't end this fight quickly, Kisame will take this.

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Kisame for the simple fact that he can steal chakra. Which Kakashi never had alot of.

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The sword will prove to be problematic for kakashi since he has a relatively low amount of chakra. But Kakashi's Mangekyo Sharingan Kamui attack will be devastating if done correctly. Kisame vs Killer Bee was a VERY good showing for Kisame, and I think that simply because Kakashi has a limited amount of shots, I don't think he will take the majority. I am a huge kakashi fan, but Samehada is the "winning factor" for me.

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While Kisame does have Samehada, I am pretty sure Kakashi knows of its abilities considering when he confronted Itachi and Kisame in the leaf village he asked if that was the sword. Plus he was able to avoid Hidan's blade with just a kunai and also Zabs blade, so I don't think just Kisame having Samehada means he is gonna win this one.

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Kisame in a convincing fashion.

  • He has vastly higher chakra reserves (near tailed beast levels).
  • Samehada.
  • His destructive capability is quite a bit higher.
  • He's arguably just as skilled as Kakashi although Kikashi has a slight intelligence advantage.

Even Kakashi's Sharingan isn't nesscarily going to be a difference maker; Kisame spent years working with Itachi, and has already demonstrated knowledge on the Sharingan.

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If Kakashi has Naruto's chakra then he wins if not he loses.

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Kisame destroy Kakashi. Kisame stomped Killer Bee who as a lot more chakra than Kakashi.

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Kisame, Kakashi doesn't exactly have a good win-lose ratio

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do i smell a stomp?

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Kakashi losed, he always seem to be running low on chakra, and with the samehada he losed unless he had helped

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If kakashi doesn't use kamui, kisame wins handily here. He's actually one of the strong ninjas of the series, but sadly guy is the literally the worst match up for him in the whole verse and that's who he faced.. And they insist on not showing us kisame vs roshi, :(

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If Kakashi doesn´t use Kamui from the start he has no chance even Guy would have died horribly but he was the perfect match against Kisame.

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If not, Kisame.

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If kakashi can pull off a kamui then he wins if not kisame would most likely stomp

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Kakashi would win concidering the facts of massive intelligence over kisami even if kakashi has a normal human chakra yeah kakashi doesn't have low chair a it is the same as minatos chair a

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kisame 7 out of 10

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kisame 7 out of 10

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Kisame drowns kakashi, unless he can pull off a kamui.

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Kisame if Kakashi doesn't use Kamui.

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Kakashi doesn't need to use kamu, kakashi wins this with his intelligence and copy ninjutsu.

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Kisame wins if Kakashi fails with Kamui.

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I think Kakashi can edge out a win with his Kamui. He is by far more agile and his summons can really help in this battle. Kisame doesn't have impressive enough feats with Samehada to suggest he can tag someone like Kakashi, who has faced Hidan's scythe and Zabuza's sword and came out without so much as a scratch. Kisame's Water dome jutsu is the major threat but Kakashi has everything he needs to avoid it. And one Chidori is all he needs to end this fight.

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Kisame.. kakashi would eventually loose stamina as the fight drags on.. unless kakashi bfr kisame's head via kamui.

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Kakashi is a combat genius, i think he can handle kisame.

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Earth beats Water. Yin beats Yang. More beats less.

Kakashi wins, but with difficulty. 7/10