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After being contacted by a mysterious benefactor and a long plane ride to Tehran, Iran your team has assembled. All they know is that they are competing for glory, fame and a prize pot of 100 million dollars. This is high stakes competition where the only thing you can rely on is your team and your wits.

Nick You are team 1: You start in the parking lot.

Beta you are team 2: You start in the lobby.

Winner by KO, Death or Incantation.

Prep Materials: Nothing special; glass, furniture, alcohol (The high class kind), ropes and a few abandoned cars.

Tag me if you need a ruling or when you're finished debating.

Team Nickzambuto

  • "Black Leg" Sanji (Pre-Timeskip)
  • Jetstream Sam
  • Revolver Ocelot
  • Usopp

Perks: Advanced Recon, Blades and Bullets

Team betatesthighlander1

  • Dale Gribble
  • Frank Reynolds
  • Scruffy
  • Kevin Malone

Perks: Forfeited

Pick four characters; all media welcome

First come, first serve.

Ammo is unlimited

Only one version of a character can be picked (example you pick Spider-Man, he's now off the table however SpOck, Ult. Spider-Man etc. are still available)

New 52 and Post Crisis characters are considered separate unless other wise stated.

All Marvel 616, feats are applicable.

All characters will have Standard Gear (meaning what they normally carry), basic knowledge, (unless they have prior knowledge) and are in character.

Fights may be won via K.O, Death or Incap.

You may select two perks for your team from the list below; those perks will stick with you for the remainder of the tournament so choose well.

Team chemistry will come into play (there will a perk to make your team all work together but it will cost you a perk slot), Language barriers are not an issue.

If I (or anyone else) feels a character is over limits, I will flag that character, it's up to the person who chose said character to prove they fit within the constraints (with feats; you may pm them to me if you wish), if you fail to do so you have to pick another character. My ruling is final.

Hoping for sixteen players but we can roll with eight.


Strength: 25 tons

Speed: Spider-Man level

Durability: Base; Bulletproof. With Gear; Grenade resistant. An RPG should kill your character.

Energy Projection: Cyclops with visor on.

Destructive Capability: Tank Busting

Energy Absorbtions: Bishop

Healing Factor: Wolverine

Psychics: Telepathy limited to defensive stuff; mind reading, linking etc. T.K. at 1 ton or less.



Fantomex’s Misdirection (or like abilities)

Gorgan’s Stone Stare (or like abilities)

Daken's Pheromone's (or like abilites)


Instakills, Autowins etc.

Pre-Cog over the Spider Sense

Tele dismemberment

Tele drop

Tele frag

Mind Rape

TK Crush

Soul rape

Matter Manipulation/Transmutation

Power Absorbtion

Power Mimicing

Power Negation

Reality Warping,

Midnighter’s Battle computer

Time Manipulation.

Magic/Enchanted items are allowed; provided they follow the other regulations.

Outside help (support staff's etc.) is not allowed.

Space Manipulation (Carrying an armies worth of gear or w/e) is not allowed. In the case of such characters they are allowed to bring everything that they could reasonably carry on their person.

Duplication is limited to two copies.

Construction is allowed however gear may not surpass any of the above limitations and is limited to whatever is on hand in the battlefield.

Perks (Can select two)

Prep Time: Gives your team six hours to make a plan and or build stuff and explore the battlefield beforehand, the battlefield cannot be altered and additional knowledge can be gained.

Advanced Recon: You're granted full knowledge of *two* of your opponents characters gear, powers, weaknesses etc.

Telepathic Team Link: Your team is linked together telepathically.

Morals Off: Your team will kill without hesitation or remorse, their mental states and emotional states remain in character.

Why can’t we be friends? : Your team all cooperates and will work together as if all existing personality clashes/enmity and bad blood didn't exist.

Give me some Backup! : Grants your team complete control of a 6 man squad of S.H.I.E.L.D Agents outfitted in Civil War style Cape-Killer armor (includes gas masks, hover discs, com units, tranquilizer darts and paralyzer lasers).

I like Ninjas!: Gives your team complete control of a 6 Hand Ninja (includes ninjato, shuriken and Kusarigama)

Blades and bullets: You may turn each member of your team’s bullets/thrown weapons/arrows into adamantium. Or your characters hand held weapon can be transformed into an Adamantium version of itself.

Silent as the Wind: Completely silence’s your team's movement, heartbeat and breathing (any other noise they make can be heard normally)

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@sovereign91001 I think you messed up my perks, I chose Blades and Bullets and Advanced Recon.

@nickzambuto you wanna start this, or should I?

I unfortunately do not know anything about your team, so I can't get into strategies and tactics straight away. However I can make an opening assessment of my team's strengths and advantages hopefully before the end of the day.

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So beginning with a rundown of my characters for those uninformed:

Sanji of the Black Leg

True to his name, Sanji is a master of the "Black Leg" fighting style, a form of martial arts that frees up the users hands so as to not damage them in battle, and relies on a wide array of swift and powerful kicks instead. Now it might seem like a disadvantage to only use someone's feet in battle, but Sanji's broad range of impressive kicks and and super acrobatic skill make him a very versatile martial artist. He was personally taught the style by Red Foot Zeff, the man who created the style, and he's proven skillful enough to take on hordes of trained Marines at once and even stalemate a master swordsmen of Roronoa Zoro's caliber... pretty much every other episode.

Using the Black Leg style in conjunction with his jaw dropping speed and agility (which I will detail later) Sanji easily overwhelms his opponents, even those much larger than him, with a flurry of fluid, freeflow attacks.


Sanji's footwork is matched only by his brains. The guy always has a plan, he states so himself, and he's probably the most clever fighter in the whole franchise. Besides Usopp that is.

Speaking of Usopp...

The official Strawhat sniper and one of the greatest marksman in the entire world. Post Timeskip Usopp has hit targets over a mile away and gone up against some of the most powerful characters in One Piece singlehandedly. But I'm using Pre-Timeskip Usopp, who besides in raw physical prowess, is still every bit as skilled as his older counterpart.

I can't find the clip in English, but basically Daddy Masterson, an Ex-Marine sniper and famous gunslinger challenges Usopp to take out the crown of a weather vain which is basically nothing more than a dot in the distance. Usopp hits it dead center.

Now I know it might seem silly to say a slingshot can match up against friggin AKs and machine guns. Often times, people in battles will say things like "well Usopp has the accuracy advantage, but so-and-so wins because gun>slingshot." That is not true. Usopp's inhuman skill with his weapon of choice trumps any firearm. He can fire multiple projectiles at once and take out several enemies simultaneously Hawkeye-style, he can use various trick stars such as napalm and explosive, and most amazing of all, his firing speed already rivals that of fully automatic machine guns, as he displays against Luffy in his very first appearance.

Usopp is naturally cowardly, but when push comes to shove he can be the toughest guy in the world. He specializes in hit and run tactics and should be able to overwhelm anyone on your team with a barrage of different weapons and projectiles while hiding and evading.

Revolver Ocelot

My second sniper is Revolver Ocelot. He's just as skilled a marksman as Usopp, but has a major advantage in being both a master weapons handler, and a supernatural skill for ricocheting bullets.

"As his codename indicates, Ocelot is a master marksman with a marked preference for revolvers. We could hear the gun battle between Snake and Ocelot over the radio. Ocelot was using an antique Single Action Army revolver against Snake's SOCOM pistol. The first Single Action Army Revolver was manufactured in 1873. A small number of them are still in production today, but strictly for collectors and antique weapon fanciers; using this outmoded weapon for live combat is unheard of. But Ocelot seemed to invest the vintage gun with diabolical powers. He would purposefully fire against walls and the floor, weaving a tight web of ricocheting bullets around Snake, gradually hemming him in."

From "In the Darkness of Shadow Moses"

Ocelot's firing skill is described as superhuman, ranking as Major of GRU when he was a teenager and later joining FOXHOUND, a black ops agency reserved for people with superhuman powers. Nastasha Romanenko even comments on Ocelot handling his gun with "diabolical powers."

Ocelot can bounce bullets off virtually any surface at any angle; whether it be stone, concrete, or metal, as he shows in the above video, while still an inexperienced rookie (he's not even using a revolver yet!) Ocelot described this skill himself with the words, "I understand the bullets, you see. I make them go where I want."

And then last but not least, in direct contrast to the gun slinging cowboy of Revolver Ocelot, we have:

Jetstream Sam

Legendary samurai and descendent of the Rodriguez Clan of swordsman, Samuel Rodriguez. Sam was trained to perfection in the art of the samurai by his father, before traveling the world and mastering virtually every major form of sword combat from a multitude of teachers. He specializes in the "Rodriguez New Shadow School" technique, or "The Killing Sword", a samurai style of martial arts crafted by his ancestors and passed down through the generations to every subsequent member. To compliment his unmatched swordsman skill, Sam wields a state of the art exoskeleton which enhances his strength, speed, and agility to superhuman levels.

One of Sam's major advantages against any foe is his almost-superhuman ability to read the moves and emotions of his opponent. In his first appearance, he read Raiden's style and mocked him for his lack of skill, despite Raiden being the guy who defeated a bunch of FROGs with his mouth. Sam is almost singlehandedly responsible for breaking Raiden's mind and bringing out Jack the Ripper, and he even made an artificial intelligence second guess its role in life. Sam's combat style revolves around taunting his foes into a stupor and then dominating them, so if there is ANYBODY on your team who possesses even a single modicum of mental insecurity, consider them already out of the game.

My team consists of two teams: the melee unit, and the sniper unit. Literally every member of my team is a strategic extraordinaire, so you can bet we'll be putting the full knowledge we have on your team to good use. Using this, we can carry the match and set an ambush, deciding who on our team is best suited to take on each member of your team. So you're already at a disadvantage in that we'll be calling the shots.

Sam and Sanji will engage all four of your characters in close combat. Now I am not arrogant enough to think the two of them can solo all of your guys, but between both of their stats, skills, and miscellaneous abilities, I'm sure they can last. Meanwhile Usopp and Ocelot will provide cover for each of them, landing the killing blows on your characters by surprise with their handy dandy Adamantium ammunition. I don't see a way for your team to compete when they'll have enough trouble fighting either Sam or Sanji by themselves, let alone while dodging bullets and explosives from two master marksman.

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So, as an exterminator, Dale Gribble has access to an insane amount of poison, as wll as gas masks of his very own

even if all that fails, he has an obvious line of defense

Aw yeah, how many of your guys can fight after having sand thrown into their faces?

And if you guys get close?

That's right, a trashcan, right to the neck

a trashcan

you can't fight after a trashcan has already slit your throat, it doesn't make any sense!

(I made this team as a joke, sorry)

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Beta curbstomps. :P

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Beta in a quick and bloody stomp

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I swear if he actually goes onto round 2 because of you guys... :p

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I want beta to win so badly, but that would be unfair to nick.

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Seriously though @nickzambuto wins

I love King of the Hill though

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