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After being contacted by a mysterious benefactor and a long plane ride to Tehran, Iran your team has assembled. All they know is that they are competing for glory, fame and a prize pot of 100 million dollars. This is high stakes competition where the only thing you can rely on is your team and your wits.

Kidman You are team 1: You start in the parking lot.

Mr_L_Q you are team 2: You start in the lobby.

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Winner by KO, Death or Incantation.

Prep Materials: Nothing special; glass, furniture, alcohol (The high class kind), ropes and a few abandoned cars.

Tag me if you need a ruling or when you're finished debating.

Team kidman560

  • Deadpool
  • Luke Cage
  • Gambit
  • Black Panther

Perks: Prep Time, Blades & Bullets

Team mr_letz_quake

  • Iron Fist
  • Shirai Kuroko
  • Ahk-Ton
  • Heat Wave

Perks: prep time and why can't we be friends

Pick four characters; all media welcome

First come, first serve.

Ammo is unlimited

Only one version of a character can be picked (example you pick Spider-Man, he's now off the table however SpOck, Ult. Spider-Man etc. are still available)

New 52 and Post Crisis characters are considered separate unless other wise stated.

All Marvel 616, feats are applicable.

All characters will have Standard Gear (meaning what they normally carry), basic knowledge, (unless they have prior knowledge) and are in character.

Fights may be won via K.O, Death or Incap.

You may select two perks for your team from the list below; those perks will stick with you for the remainder of the tournament so choose well.

Team chemistry will come into play (there will a perk to make your team all work together but it will cost you a perk slot), Language barriers are not an issue.

If I (or anyone else) feels a character is over limits, I will flag that character, it's up to the person who chose said character to prove they fit within the constraints (with feats; you may pm them to me if you wish), if you fail to do so you have to pick another character. My ruling is final.

Hoping for sixteen players but we can roll with eight.


Strength: 25 tons

Speed: Spider-Man level

Durability: Base; Bulletproof. With Gear; Grenade resistant. An RPG should kill your character.

Energy Projection: Cyclops with visor on.

Destructive Capability: Tank Busting

Energy Absorbtions: Bishop

Healing Factor: Wolverine

Psychics: Telepathy limited to defensive stuff; mind reading, linking etc. T.K. at 1 ton or less.



Fantomex’s Misdirection (or like abilities)

Gorgan’s Stone Stare (or like abilities)

Daken's Pheromone's (or like abilites)


Instakills, Autowins etc.

Pre-Cog over the Spider Sense

Tele dismemberment

Tele drop

Tele frag

Mind Rape

TK Crush

Soul rape

Matter Manipulation/Transmutation

Power Absorbtion

Power Mimicing

Power Negation

Reality Warping,

Midnighter’s Battle computer

Time Manipulation.

Magic/Enchanted items are allowed; provided they follow the other regulations.

Outside help (support staff's etc.) is not allowed.

Space Manipulation (Carrying an armies worth of gear or w/e) is not allowed. In the case of such characters they are allowed to bring everything that they could reasonably carry on their person.

Duplication is limited to two copies.

Construction is allowed however gear may not surpass any of the above limitations and is limited to whatever is on hand in the battlefield.

Perks (Can select two)

Prep Time: Gives your team six hours to make a plan and or build stuff and explore the battlefield beforehand, the battlefield cannot be altered and additional knowledge can be gained.

Advanced Recon: You're granted full knowledge of *two* of your opponents characters gear, powers, weaknesses etc.

Telepathic Team Link: Your team is linked together telepathically.

Morals Off: Your team will kill without hesitation or remorse, their mental states and emotional states remain in character.

Why can’t we be friends? : Your team all cooperates and will work together as if all existing personality clashes/enmity and bad blood didn't exist.

Give me some Backup! : Grants your team complete control of a 6 man squad of S.H.I.E.L.D Agents outfitted in Civil War style Cape-Killer armor (includes gas masks, hover discs, com units, tranquilizer darts and paralyzer lasers).

I like Ninjas!: Gives your team complete control of a 6 Hand Ninja (includes ninjato, shuriken and Kusarigama)

Blades and bullets: You may turn each member of your team’s bullets/thrown weapons/arrows into adamantium. Or your characters hand held weapon can be transformed into an Adamantium version of itself.

Silent as the Wind: Completely silence’s your team's movement, heartbeat and breathing (any other noise they make can be heard normally)

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@sovereign91001: @mr_letz_quake i am just gonna list my gear aight

Black Panther

Vibranium Suit

Vibranium Suit

Vibranium Daggers

Gold Vibranium Claws

Vibranium boots


his staff

4 decks of cards

Luke Cage

nothing except some clothes


2 9mms

his endless satchel

2 mac 10s

1 shotgun


4 RPG rockets

(btw his endless satchel allows infinite ammo for really everything but infinte ammo for his RPG would be OP)

his teleporter belt

btw just a heads up Both Deadpool and Black Panther are teleporters. (if you dont mind once you list your gear if i could go first)

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@kidman560: You already had infinite ammo :P

Ammo is unlimited

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@sovereign91001: yeah but dont you think unlimited ammo for and RPG is a little OP in this kind of tourney (the durability rules regulate that an RPG should be able to kill most of us)? i mean i dont even need his RPG really i just thought id bring it along for fun maybe blow up stuff as i go?

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@kidman560: I assume he ment must be defeatable by an rpg and not necessarily in one shot when you have characters such as Wolverine and Luke Cage.

Also an RPG takes time to reload

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@kidman560: I assume he ment must be defeatable by an rpg and not necessarily in one shot when you have characters such as Wolverine and Luke Cage.

Also an RPG takes time to reload


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@sovereign91001: hey ahk-ton has the powers of Metamorpho and he majorly violates the Durability rules because he has powers similar to Mr. Fantastic plus he can turn himself into Gas, and can turn himself into any element im fine with it but in his gas form he is impervious to any physical damage and stuff and he could theoretically turn himself into radioactive material plus Ahk-ton is only in 6 issues he doesnt have any feats but theoretical feats but this is what his powerset is

Chameleon Chemical Secretion Density Control Elasticity Energy Manipulation Fire Control HealingHeat Generation Ice Control Invulnerability Leadership Matter Absorption Phasing / Ghost Radiation Shape Shifter Size Manipulation Super Strength Tracking Water Control Wind Bursts

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@kidman560: I told everyone that if your character is above limits that I'd DQ them and I will; that said I'm gonna let @mr_letz_quake have a say before I make a ruling.

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@sovereign91001: alright so right now i am going to assume the Ahk-ton is disallowed since you know he is illegal @mr_letz_quake

Deadpool will teleport Danny and BP will teleport Luke right where the # 5 is and then Luke will break down the door. Deadpool will then spray the place with bullets

heres how accurate Deadpool is

then Iron Fist and Black Panther will come in and mop up the rest of your crew. ill post more scans if you actually reply back

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@sovereign91001: That's what happens when you let in someone with 20 posts.

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@jokergeist: Eh it happens with people with higher post counts too. When I played in my first tournament I think I had forty posts.

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