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1 hour of prep for both opponents

morals off

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I'd like to go with avengers,x-men,and annihilators but there's no one here that can react to Kal Kent and Flash if they speed blitz. Also Kal Kent can process something like 8 billion+ gigs of data continuously, so 1 hour + the brains of brainiac 5 would give him a lot of time. I would like to say the Avengers, X-men,and Annihilators because the Avengers can run and hide just like they did in AvX..... With that time they can create an ultimate nullifier or gather the power of the phoenix. Then again if they hide on the Earth, Superman can just destroy it so they'll have to hide in a sub dimension.

Final: I'll go with JLA since they're responsible for defending the solar system while Avengers and X-Men is Earth, Annihilators is galaxy.

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I see Genis Vell,If he's Insane.I think he can give the JLA a very hell fight.