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Galactus has misplaced an ultimet weapon on a far off planet the weapon could be used for destroying planets or even universes Bolt the marvel transformers and the dc universes are aware of this and have summoned their greatest warriors from across time and space Thanos and darksied are aware of this and are also competing for the weapon

And the rosters are Rune King Thor Cosmic Hulk Red Hulk Gladiator( Full confidence)Wonderman Vision Odin Doctor Strange and all the current avengers and x men


Superman prime One Million Kyle Rayner (ION, full power) Flash (Complete control of Speedforce) Batman One Million Phantom Stranger Firestorm Captain Marvel (Shazam)Doctor Fate and all the current members of the justice league and the teen titans pre 52 versions


Otomis prime( With a green lantern ring) And megatron with bumblebee starscream ironhide Thundercracker and all the dinobots

Each of the super hero teams have one year to prepare and have basic intel on the enemy forces Thanos and darkseid get no preparation time or infinity gems The transformers get 5 months preparation time to work out a strategy they know that they will be going up against superpowerd humans but have no info on them

Location On a small rocky planet with a surface area the size of Africa and terrain like the american southwest the planet has a fully breathable atmosphere

Rules No warping people out of reality or blitzing everyone and no smasing the planet in two other then that its everything goes

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Seriously? You're giving Batman One Million a year's prep?

Anyway, Flash can BFR all his opponents into the Speed Force.