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The Justice League thinks the Avengers work for Lex Luther so they do try to take them down. Clark tells Green Arrow. so GA has one day prep.

Hawkeye was spying and learn of there plan so he had a day of prep but didnt tell the other Avengers.

fight takes place in New York (so aquaman isnt helpless). everyone is in character. morals on.

teams start 300 feet apart.

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I've seen some speed feats from Superman here that none of the Avengers can match.

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lol I only know superman and green arrow, I have no idea who are the rest.

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Superman moved at super speed regularly and moved a planet he should be able to solo.

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Justice League, even though Avengers look so much cooler in their pic lol.

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Costumes - Avengers

The JL looks like a bunch of kids. Seriously. I'm giving this to the Avengers. The costumes alone gave the win to them

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@Ultra_Girl_ said:

lol I only know superman and green arrow, I have no idea who are the rest.

MMH, black conary, cyborg, superman, green arrow, aquaman, supergirl, and flash

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@AllStarSuperman: the guy all the way to the left looks like Obama


is he supposed to be MMH?

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@Ultra_Girl_ said:

@AllStarSuperman: the guy all the way to the left looks like Obama


is he supposed to be MMH?

haha yes

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Avengers win this by costumes.

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@Batman242 said:

Costumes - Avengers

The JL looks like a bunch of kids. Seriously. I'm giving this to the Avengers. The costumes alone gave the win to them

That's because this is from Smallville.

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@ImmortalOne: Figures. Never was interested in that show. Were they at their best (comic wise) in that show? Black Canary looks AWWFUL though. But still, eh I'm giving this to the Avengers.

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@ImmortalOne: Figures. Never was interested in that show. Were they at their best (comic wise) in that show? Black Canary looks AWWFUL though. But still, eh I'm giving this to the Avengers.

you cant really say avengers win if youve barly watched smallville, MMH was like never used, black canarys scream could make clark bleed and had good fighting and agility, cyborg was strong enough to take a direct hit from a car and he could hack stuff, superman was FTL, pushed acocalypse away from earth, GA was insanly accurate he shot the lid of a pop can from a ways away with a crap bow and shot from the watch tower to the daily planets globe, aquaman was faster than clark underwater and had a degree of super strength, supergirl was clarks equal if not better, and impulse was faster than clark while running backwards and can run anywhere on the earth in seconds

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So to look at this piece by piece.

Smallville Justice League (just so we put powers into context we have to distinguish them from the comic book counterparts) - 8 members (though technically the picture is missing Hawkman and Stargirl so we won't count them)

Movie Avengers - 6 members

The x-factors for these teams is 1) Impulse and 2) Iron Man. Neither has a direct counterpart on the other team and thus each team has no one suited to countering their particular abilities or skills.

The Battle:

1) Blur (since as of this pic he isn't Superman yet and can't fly) and Supergirl (who can fly) take on Hulk first as he's the greatest threat powerwise and between two Kryptonians they can either handle him easily or at least knock him far enough away that he wouldn't be a factor in the battle anymore

2) Impulse can take on both Hawkeye and Black Widow at the same time as he's far too fast for either of them to hit either with a projectile or in hand-to-hand combat. Both could be taken out by a few quick strikes or Impulse stealing Widow's stun bracelet off her and using it on both of them

3) Martian Manhunter (who by the glowing eyes I'm assuming has his powers rather than the brief period he lost them) takes on Thor where his ability to become intangible would prevent him from being hit by Thor's lightning or the hammer and even if he couldn't win the battle by force he can use his telepathy to either incapacitate Thor and force him to battle in his own mind or distract him long enough to get in enough knockout strikes

4) All that Cyborg, Aquaman, Black Canary, and Green Arrow have to do is distract Iron Man and Captain America long enough for the others to finish their respective opponents. Even if Thor isn't beaten so long as he's distracted from the rest of the fight once the Blur and Supergirl are done with the Hulk it would be easy for Supergirl to take out Iron Man as she's far faster and more agile than he is in the air and she has both heat vision and superhuman strength to deal with his armor and any counterfire he may be able to fire back if she's moving slow enough for him to react. Than you'd be pitting the Blur against Captain America and at that point Cap is a goner as Blur has to many options to use against him; superhuman strength, speed, heat vision, or artic/freeze breath are just too much for Captain America to handle.

5) At that point it depends on if Thor and Martian Manhunter are still fighting, at which case he's gone when Blur and Supergirl join in, or if Hulk has returned from being driven away, again at which point he also has to contend with Martian Manhunter's telepathy which could be far more effective than the two Kryptonians (which should mean he fights Hulk first but that would pit the Kryptonians against magic which would balance the battle much more).

Thus in this scenario the Justice League wins.

Now, if we took away two Justice League members and went with the original team from back in Season 6 then things are a bit more interesting.

Second Battle:

1) Blur would be forced to contend with the Hulk alone. This is not completely an even match, though they are roughly equal in strength, as the Blur still has a huge advantage in speed, heat vision, and artic/freeze breath and he could utilize the exact same tactic of driving Hulk hundreds of miles away from the conflict early and return to the battle in seconds

2) Impulse still takes Hawkeye and Black Widow easily in the same way as before and when he's done with that he can move onto helping.....

3) Black Canary against Captain America. Though completely outmatched by Captain America, Black Canary only needs to keep him distracted long enough for Impulse to finish off his opponents and then come help her against Cap. Captain America's far too fast for her to get off a sonic scream so she'll need to rely on her agility to dodge his shield but what gives her an advantage is Cap's most likely hesitation in fighting a woman and doing any serious damage to her so he'll go easier than he should and give her and Impulse the time they need to effectively attack him

3) Aquaman would be forced to deal with Thor alone and that battle would really come down to how far Aquaman is from water. Overall Thor is much too powerful an opponent so his best bet is to simply keep Thor distracted.

4) Cyborg and Green Arrow should focus on Iron Man, trying to drive him to the ground through explosive arrows and contained EMP pulses and hope that Cyborg is capable of hacking into his systems should he be able to actually touch him. In the end it would probably be a losing effort until.....

5) Blur returns and goes against Iron Man alone, letting Cyborg and Green Arrow move to helping in either finishing off Captain America or keeping Thor distracted. Though the Blur can't fly, his speed would allow him to run up the buildings in and launch himself faster than Iron Man could react, knocking him out of the sky and then using his strength, heat vision, and artic breath to finish the job

6) And finally the whole team could descend on and beat the snot out of Thor, awaiting for Hulk to return and do the same to him

Even at even numbers the Justice League would still win.

At the end of the day the Avengers simply don't have a diverse enough powerset in this configuration. They are all strength characters with some flight and accuracy. Thor has lighting but it takes him to long to charge and release to make it effective against a fast moving target, which much of the Justice League is compared to a guy in an extremely heavy armor. Impulse is also a huge advantage to the Justice League as his speed allows him to take out two human opponents easily and aid in finishing off a third.

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@ltbrd: nice you proved smallville would win even in weaker than current stats. When I made this battle I meant current mmh, ga, impulse, black canary, cyborg, superman, aqua man, and Supergirl from season one all the way to season 11 comics

EDIT: i left out stargirl, hawkman, Dr. Fate, and Zantanna because with them id call this spite.

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Definitely the Smallville Justice League. Martian Manhunter, Clark, Supergirl and Impulse have all been consistently portrayed as moving faster than the human eye can perceive beyond their other powers.