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Justice League: Superman,Batman,Wonder Woman,Green Lantern,Flash,Cyborg,Martian Manhunter,Beast Boy,Hawkgirl,Dr.Fate Avengers:Iron Man,Hulk,Thor,Hawkeye,Black Widow,Captain America,Black Panther,Vision,Wasp,Ant-Man/Giant Man The fight takes place on a large island in the middle of nowhere.Neither side knows anything about the other side.

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You should add who is fighting who

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Godzilla stomps

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@YoungJustice said:


Bahaha nice

on topic, JL stomps.

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Superman solo's

Flash solo's

Martian Manhunter solo's

Dr. Fate, GL and Wonder Woman working together can solo

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Just like every other JLA vs Avengers thread, JLA wins.

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Stop! Just Stop!

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sooo after what? 2 secs? less? the hole JL is like hey thor do you just wanna surrender? because hes the only one on the avengers team who really even matters and he cant beat sups. much less superman,Wonder Woman,Green Lantern(depeneding on which one),Flash, and Martian Manhunter all at once. At least give avengers the sentry and wounder man so it at least looks like a fight. come on.

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Justice League, once again defeat the Avengers.