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Contantine,Deadman,Zatana,Black Orchid,Frankenstein


Superman,Batman,Wonder Woman,Green lantern,Cyborg

morals on No BFR.1 day prep. Battle takes place in old wild west town

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Justice League Dark. Constantine is quite dangerous with preparation. Zatanna and him could build shields, etc. However, Superman could sun dip for the day. Still, morals are on so he wouldn't go straight for the kill.

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How do they put down Deadman?

I'm going with JLD

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wow JLD all the way im surprised a little

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JLD without a doubt.

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JLD, Superman isn't going to be amazing against magic, he got beat by raining teeth.

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Let's put it this way. In JLD's first issue JLD get together to face and defeat what JL failed to beat. Justice league is ill equipped to deal with the JLD, they're just a whole other level.