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UFC Heavyweights

Junior Dos Santos and Alistair Overeem


UFC lighter weights

Anderson Silva

Georges St. Pierre

Jose Aldo


1. They all fight simultaneously

2. No eye gouging, fish hooking, Biting. Everything else is legal! (UFC1 rules)

3. 10 minute round 1 and 5 minutes after. Infinite rounds (the fight goes on until one team wins)


The Octagon

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dude the only one who stands a chance is silva cause he can fight at LHW and Dos santos weighs like 235 but he's a goddamn monster dude and overeem's leg kick could chop your freaking femur in half since aldo and GSP fight at featherweigh and Welterweight which are significantly lighter than both dos santos and overeem who weighs like 260 now dude Overeem and Dos santos take em all out