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All are bloodlusted & at full power.

No gear/ weapons, street rules.

Anything goes.

Morals off.

Fight starts 200 feet away from each other.

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@logy5000: Trion Juggernaut ftw

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What would you consider full power Juggernaut to be, Trion? Coz then its not even remotely fair.

Red Hulk apart from Loeb wank, hasnt really got any sort of amp that i know of, so its plain Rulk who gets beat up her by well everyone.

Mangog , Marvel counterpart right? Far to durable for Lobo or Rulk to really take him down, and to think of it when was Lobo received any sort of amp? Isnt it just a normal Lobo?

Doomsday most powerful, Doomsday Wars or Hunter/ Prey would beat Lobo as well as Rulk (rather easily at that) , would probably beat Mangog as well but that one is arguable.

My understanding of a full power Juggernaut is either Trion or 8th Day, who is literally unstoppable by this team, unless they resort to BFR (Juggernaut could however plead Cyttorak for help, he has done it before, and got teleported) even the team together cant really beat him.

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doomsday solos.

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Triton Juggs solos the rest of them with ease

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If this is Trion Juggs then he wins easily.

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Mangog vs full power mangog huh? cause everybody else is worthless here.... oh and Trion stomps

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no gears you said!! that means no weapons for Lobo, but more important is no Cyttorak's ruby for Jugg and that's unfair, but if you consider it acceptable to be used, then :

Jugg will spit on every other else, and Juggy will play with Lobo, Rulk and Mangog like toys in his hand at the time when Doomsday keeps hitting and Jugg don't even notice him as if he's a fly.