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@iragexcudder: Yes I was trying to make the point that I said has low not that it's like his kryptonite. And will did say they have 15 minutes and thunder bolt is not to be underestimated.

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Galactus all day

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Fully Feed he wins....

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@mikep12: I've never seen anything regarding a vulnerability/weakness to magic with big G. Yz were talking here right?

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Galactus wins, in a tough battle but he wins. Odin went down fighting him and went into an Odin sleep and Galactus got right back up and regenerated as if nothing happened after that encounter and the only reason he left Asgard was because the seed wasn't there. Galactus takes this with a bit of effort.

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@iragexcudder: for the last time, this is not full power galactus. get it right, this is the most obvious and critical point of all

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@cold_day: the most obvious and critical point is you not understanding that Galactus' power level doesn't increase or decrease from his hunger level. You get it right

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@iragexcudder: What? A not fully fed Galactus gets knocked on by, Thing, Thor, and Hulk while a fed Galactus fights Celestials. There's definitely a power difference

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@mikep12: that's writing differentials, CIS and PIS.

There's never been a Fully Fed Galactus shown just so everyone knows that.

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@mikep12: A "not fully fed" Galactus isn't getting knocked around by Thing, maybe a starving Galactus can get phased by Thing, but this thread stated he isn't hungry, a not hungry Galactus would think of the Thing as an insect. Thor would be like a rat, tougher, but still easy to kill. Maybe PIS had Thing doing anything to big G, but realistically Thing couldn't do anything to him. This is a tough fight but JSA goes down as Galactus has to much power.

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@iragexcudder: technically he doesn't as Galactus can keep eating and eating

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@iragexcudder: then why is it he can destroy much more stuff when he is more fully fed, when he fought Odin he was starving, so they stalemated. then he fed on four planets and beat a celestial. if you think he is Odins level, and Odin equals a celestial, then i have no more to say

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@schmalzel: Correction he does and he is that's the whole point of him trying to eat the planet. Plus I remember two occasions Thor had a pretty good battle with Galactus, as well as another were Thor literally bash through his armor. I respect your opinion that Galactus wins but I still think the JSA take this

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@cold_day: Odin went down hard, what are you talking about? There was no stalemate. I'd love it if you didn't have anything else to say anyways.

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@iragexcudder: in case you do not know, they both went down hard. i have nothing to say to someone who ignores fact

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@cold_day: Odin might have Knocked him out for a few, but Odin was put into an Odin Sleep. Galactus got back up and regenerated, while Thor was battling Surfer to a stalemate (I believe with Destroyer Armor or some sort of amp) no way he can touch Galactus if he can't beat Surfer handily. Galactus is out of the leagues, well league. They have some people who can keep the battle from being a stomp,the magic based people, but they aren't going to be enough to beat Galactus.

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@cold_day: you're obviously not reading correctly! Odin head butted him and didn't show his face for the rest of the comic and knocked himself out. Thor showed up and Galactus got up. You're beyond wrong and ignorant.

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That's a pretty good team. Maybe they can do this. Big G is a beast, but there are several powerhouses there, so if they're smart about it they could probably fend him off. The weaker capes get vaporized, though. Galactus isn't getting killed, and enither is he leaving the battle without some kills to his name, but if he's not at full power (whatever that is) and if the team has some time to make a plan, maybe build some kind of weapon, etc, then they can certainly stop Galactus from eating the Earth.

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Galactus pimpslaps the whole team

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@schmalzel: Odin always sleeps. though i think my grandad sleeps more

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@iragexcudder: galactus got almost everything beat up. but that is not the point. that showed that a hungry galactus is weaker, which is my point. you are beyond trolling.

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@cold_day said:

@schmalzel: Odin always sleeps. though i think my grandad sleeps more

That maybe true, but does your grandad go through the Odin sleep to regenerate his power to protect....Midgard? If he does then I'll be impressed.

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Hmm... with classic Fate and Starheart Alan and a 5D genie, I think the team has a good chance.

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@iragexcudder: just to be clear hungry galan=celestial<<<<<<eternity?

Galactus and Celestial isnt a debate you would wanna get into. Mostly because Celestial power level changes so drastically from writers to writers its not even funny. Marvel honestly doesnt know what to do with them in most instances, the inconsistency associated with them is huge.

On one hand we have Thor # 305 where the editor note make it seem like Celestials were all unquestionably created to be superior to Galactus, and on the other hand Galactus Engine had Celestial retreating but Galactus himself going on fighting him suggesting Galactus is more powerful. Then Hickman had a Galactus having ate 4 planets rip out of Celestial, but later had Galactus treating a better known Celestial, Eson, on equal footing.

Eternity on the other hand is different, he is just so much more powerful, as are every prime abstracts. On normal power level neither are even close to Eternity, theoretical potential, who knows.

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DC had a Galactus knock off that easily soloed a JLA team with similar power levels to this JSA line up. there was one member of the JLA who then soloed that character. his cousin ( who possesses the same powers and has shown a greater control over them) was a member of the JSA about a decade after this pic.

If Amazingman isn't in the JSA line up I don't hold out much hope for them. If he is they win it.