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Who's army would win in a war?   
Who was the worst leader?  
Both sides have 1, 000 soldiers and weaponry from 20th century.

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Are these threads gonna become a fad now? like the "Who's hotter" or "Ask so and so" threads became?

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1000 terrible soldiers v 1000 terrible soldiers. The terrible soldiers lose. Stalin v Zedong = health problems v no spine.

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Probably Mao if it's circa 60s or 70s. In the early 50's I'd say Stalin, but it also depends on who's turf it's in. Most armies especially guerilla ones are practically invincible on their own turf.

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Complete draw on the account of them blowing up their own soldiers because someone said bless you without permission when they sneezed.

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Mao wins.

Stalin would start killing off his own generals (his paranoia is extreme) like he did in real life at the slightest suspicion that someone is going to overthrow him.

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@Sethlol said: