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My First Battle!!!

Jolyne Cujoh


Jolyne Cujoh

I'm pretty sure most people don't know who Jolyne is. Jolyne Cujoh is the six main protagonist from the long running manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. In the manga, there is a supernatural power called Stands. Stands are characters that bestow special powers upon the user. Jolyne is a stand user and her stand is called Stone Free. So when Jolyne fights, or any Stand user, she is actually fighting as two, though Stone Free is not technically a person. Stone Free allows Jolyne unravel her body into string.

Classification: Human stand user
Age: 19
Powers and Abilities: Above peak human physical stats due to being a stand user, her stand Stone Free is humanoid and can attack and defend, as well as allowing her to unravel parts of her body into string, which is strong enough to support the weight of her own body, and can be controlled remotely, as well as be used to listen in on sound from a distance. She can change the shape of her body and unravel up to 70% of it, but if she unravels more than that or unravels areas close to her heart she runs the risk of dying. It can also be used to heal wounds, giving her a limited form of regeneration. She can even operate the strings independently from her body.
Weaknesses: Still basically human with human vulnerabilities
Range: Around 2 meters
Speed: Movement speed is slightly above peak human, reaction speed is massively hypersonic, possibly approaching light speeds.
Durability: Superhuman, unraveling her body into strings makes her more difficult to kill
Strength: Above peak human, her stand's strength is likely at least ten tons
Stamina: Above peak human
Standard Equipment: Nothing notable
Intelligence: Great battle tactician, finds ways to use her stand that constantly surprise her enemies


Spider-Man is the standard Peter Parker version with standard abilities


No Civilians

The Setting are some open streets, with a few buildings no larger than twenty feet, in the afternoon.

No Prep Time Or Knowledge Of The Other's Abilites

They are level headed: and not bloodlusted

It has to be at least a K.O, and there is no time limit.

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Pretty sure Jolyne can pull a win here

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@thatguywithheadphones: That's how I see it. It could be a close call. Both Spider-Man and Jolyne have had some fights against villains who were much stronger than them, and have won.

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Come ON JoJo and Spider-Man Fans!!!!!!!!!!

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Alright, I know almost nothing about Jolyne here, but purely in the interest of maybe sparking a real debate and possibly learning about a cool character, I'm gonna say Spider-man.

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@vegandiet: Thanks. And while I thinks Spider-Man is great character I think Jolyne might edge out a victory because her strength is evenly matched with Spider-Man but she has the advantage of being significantly faster and her Stand gives her additional help.

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@vegandiet: Thanks. And while I thinks Spider-Man is great character I think Jolyne might edge out a victory because her strength is evenly matched with Spider-Man but she has the advantage of being significantly faster and her Stand gives her additional help.

Can you post scans or direct me towards scans of her strength and speed?

Some scans of her Stand being used would also be helpful.

I kinda need to get a grasp of her abilities before I can effectively debate against her.

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@ceo_of_fresh: So, her reaction speed is ridiculous (making her difficult to hit), but otherwise combat and movement speed is slightly above human?

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@wyldsong: Yeah her movement and combat speed is slightly above human. Her stand; however, is much faster in both movement and combat, though. Jolyne's speed can be ranked as average at least among superheroes, Stone Free's speed is would be considered good or even great among superheroes.

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@vegandiet: Yeah I'm trying to find some scans that can illustrate this, I have complete scans of some issues, but I have to find them.

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While I do like Jolyne I'd give the edge to Spidey on this one. For one thing I think their strength levels are far from even. Jolyne's Stand can probably produce a couple hundred pounds of pressure in a strike but Jolyne herself probably has about as much physical strength as Barbara Gordon Batgirl. Another thing to take into account is Peter's spider sense which can help him avoid her ability fairly easily. It's not like this would be the first person Spidey has fought with this kind of reach or versatility of attacks. Hell both Venom and Carnage symbiotes probably have as much range and elasticity as Stone Free but also have the added bonus of deploying piercing attacks.

I just think Spidey has beaten so many more opponents who have out ranged him. The most range that Jolyne had to deal with was Manhattan Transfer and she couldn't exactly beat the user by herself. Not going to deny her tactical adaptability but that's an attribute that the two are more evenly matched on than say their strength levels. What I'm not clear on is whether or not Spider-Man should be able to see the Stand. Going back to his spider sense he does appear to have enough awareness for it. I mean you could pretend that he has a 'wall-crawling' Stand. Make it in the shape of the Man-Spider or Madame Web and you're good to go..

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@mezmero: I agree with what your're saying but I still side with Jolyne. Spidey of course has a lot of variety in the opponents he's fought. From burglars to planet busters. But so has Jolyne. That goes for all the protagonists of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, they have to deal with enemies with extremely varied and with unique abilities. She even fought somebody with the power to reset the universe. Like I said it would be a close call, but Jolyne could possibly pull out the win. I love both characters though. I think they both have a good chance of winning.

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just a question how badly is she hurt if a strand is broken?

also the 2m range isnt all that great as spiderman can web her and it will stick to the strands leaving her stuck to a radius of 2m from the point of webbing. but i know nothing of here char so cant put a vote on who would win

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@ceo_of_fresh: It's worth pointing out that a good percentage of the Stone Ocean villains were defeated by Jolyne's supporting cast. Even some of her fights required at least some of their assistance. All she could do against the big bad was sacrifice her entire continuity to insure that he could be defeated, but that makes her the only JoJo to not deliver the final blow against the main villain. Spider-Man has defeated just about all his major villains on his lonesome at some point. Peter's supporting cast also really shine but he's managed to protect a lot of them through sheer force of will and that really gives an a strong advantage I think.