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Welcome to Wonderland

The land of darkness.. madness.. and psychopaths.

Deadpool the insane mercenary, Vash the Stampede, Zack Fair the soldier. They're all.. Misunderstood. Through some twisted, plot-induced CrAZinESs, the Misunderstood have fallen down the rabbit hole....and are now stuck together in the maddened world of Wonderland!

..and guess what? Jack the Ripper and his psychotic pals are stuck down there as well. Everyone is TRAPPED, and only three people can return to the normal world. Only one team can make it out, and must kill the other to escape.


Distance from Doll's World to Queensland: 13 miles

@laflux Team Luther starts in Doll's World

@floopay The Misunderstood starts in Queensland

  1. Mad Hatter's Doman
  2. Doll's World - Population of 200 living dolls
  3. Caterpillar's Garden - filled with mushrooms. Some are poisonous.
  4. Snow Globes - mystical forest
  5. Queensland - lightly guarded by Card Soldiers. They will attack if provoked.
  6. The Train - the only way out of Wonderland. Can only board 3 people.

Battle Conditions

  • Teams know they must kill the other to escape. Given photographs of the opposing team's members.
  • Given 2 days to explore the area.
  • Given 3 hours of prep on battlefield before start (coordinate, exchange gear, set up ambushes, and prepare for whatever is in store for them)
  • In-Character
  • Both teams are out to kill the other. Once the deed is done, one team may leave Wonderland via The Train. They may only leave once the opposing team is dead.


  • Find and kill the opposing team
  • Escape Wonderland via The Train

The Teams


Team Luther



The Misunderstood

  • Deadpool (Marvel) - Teleportation Device, Cloaking Device, Holographic Projector, 6 Grenades, 6 Throwing Stars, 4 Throwing Knives, 2 SMGs, 1 RPG, 2 Pistols, 2 Katanas, 2 Sais, and some backup ammo
  • Vash the Stampede (Trigun: Composite) - .45 colt with plenty of backup ammo, Cybernetic Machine Gun Arm, bulletproof coat, and Mechanical Coat Mechanisms
  • Zack Fair (Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core) - Buster Sword, Haste Materia, Lightning Materia, Fire Materia, Heal Materia

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First round and I get Floopay............... -______________-

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@laflux: Heh, how Ironic I got to go against the team that is perfect matchups for me while you got the opposite xD

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This should be good

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@dccomicsrule2011: I went up against nickthedevil round 1 in a tournament long ago, and he had all tech heroes / metal heroes, and I had an Ultimate Magneto-like electromagnetism user, and Cable from C&D (back when he had the Dominus Objective and Cone of Silence). Talk about a mismatch.

Thanks for reading,


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Novelty Bag

Vash the Stampede

  • Two Faces Coin
  • Umbrella

Zack Fair

  • Harley Quinn's Hammer
  • Joker's Crowbar


  • Cat Woman's Whip



Deadpool teleports himself and Vash the Stampede to whatever that staircase structure is that's right next to Queensworld.

Holographic Projector

Many people don't know this is actually pretty standard for him to carry. He uses it often, and in this scenario he'll be disguised as any one of a number of your team members. This may give your team pause when attacking him, and that small pause would be all he needs.

Teleportation Device

He uses this often as well, and can take quite a bit with him when he does, including one of Holocaust's giant plasma weapons. Here are some that I got of him using it:

Note: He doesn't use it in combat, he usually uses it to teleport into or out of combat, or obviously across vast locations, which is how I'm having him use it.


He waits for your team to show up and then unloads on them with firepower, using his superb marksmanship, explosives, and etc.

Vash the Stampede

Vash Sharpshooting

A good KM or two away from his opponent, still sniping him down with his pistol. He has better feats than this, but I'll stick with this one for now.

Vash often shoots bullet timers, and even hypersonic speedsters with his bullets, he's a top tier gunslinger.

Vash vs Gasback

Easily dodges gunfire, explosives, and isn't even concerned with the machine gun fire, because he knows it's not going to hit him. Vash has a genius level intelligence, and it's one of the primary causes of his immense reflexes. Takes out Gasback with ease, and this guy is no joke, he's superhuman in all aspects, a genius tactician, and knows what he's doing.

Zack Fair

Simple Opening

He'll charge your team.

Now his speed might not look overly impressive hear, but he's running against the wind of a speeding train, so this is a feat of both strength and speed. He easily deflects gunfire, and leaps vast distances.

0:40-1:25 - Easily withstands the fall of a speeding helicopter onto a speeding flame from a dozen meters.

1:50-2:15 - Easily runs superhuman speeds against the wind on a speeding train. He dodges gunfire, and later deflects it with his sword, and easily overpowers his opponents.

2:15-2:50 - Dispatches more troops with ease, not a single bullet grazes him, then jumps an immense distance (again, against the wind) and lands a precision cut on the train. Very impressive.

3:15-3:20 - And he sticks the dismount!

Thanks for reading,


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@floopay in that Vash vs Gasback video, what was the purpose of the flipping coin? I'm starting to think Two Face's Coin might come into play after all..?

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@floopay in that Vash vs Gasback video, what was the purpose of the flipping coin? I'm starting to think Two Face's Coin might come into play after all..?

First of all, that coin I gave Vash is going to come into play, and I DO have feats for it. Second of all, in that video the coin simply signified that when it hit the ground, the fight begins. But don't worry, I'll surprise you soon enough :)

In fact...ALL of the equipment I assigned serves a real purpose.

Thanks for reading,


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I'll put in a reply probably within twelve hours :P

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Right lets get started. Thanks for kicking off. So without further ado lets begin

Who are these Characters?

Luther Strode, The Liberian and Jack the Ripper are titular characters in The Strange Talent of Luther Strode and The Legend of Luther Strode? Characters here gain Superhuman powers by studying the Herculean Method, which pretty much gives them Healing factors to Rival the likes of Bone Claw Logan and Deadpool (This is by there most potent ability). However, it also considerably enhances their physical abilities across the board.

You mentioned a tactical plan on how you team plans to win, particularity giving notice to Deadpool's teleportation, marksmanship and holographic decoy's. I do plan on giving evidence on how my team will counter such measures, but I feel a retort would have more weight behind it, after a give the characters feats.

Strength and Durability

All of my three Characters have considerable levels of Superhuman strength and Durability. For Luther and The Liberian in particular, this a titular way in which they fight. They pretty much stalemated eachother in their final fight (Though Luther Strode eventually won out), and while Luther has gotten a better since then, it reasonable to state they are roughly equivalent in this regard. Hence I will be treating their feats as interchangeable.

The first three feats show

1. Luther (note this is very early on in his career) brutalizing fodder

2. The Liberian exploding heads and ripping through people's heads

3. Luther punching through a wall and exploding a head with a single punch.

What these three feats have in common is that it shows that Luther and the Liberian do not hold back when fighting enemies. They fight to their full potential. Hence morals are not going to be a problem. Judging by your team that shouldn't be too much of a problem either- so things are somewhat even in that regard.

Now of course, dismembering fodder is all well and good, but by itself its not really worth an extensive mention unless they have more impressive feats. Which they do.

The Next Five Scans

1. The Liberian crushes a reinforced steel door effortlessly. The Liberian would later compare crushing steel to crushing paper.

2.Luther Strode throws a man across a street and through a wall.

3.Luther Strode, simply by throwing a manhole cover at an armored van, tilts it off its wheels (an decaps a guard)

4.Luther Strode creates a massive crater by slamming Jack the Ripper into the ground.

5. Breaks through Chains (after being weakened in an earlier fight) and busts through a wall.

Now, the last 4 scans are rather heavy with Luther only action. What justifies them as being applicable to The Liberian is their battles against one another.

First fight with Luther (Albeit earlier in his career). Luther Loses.

But perhaps what's more impressive is their final fight (I've left out some scans as I think they will be more useful later on)

Final fight between Luther and The Liberian in an Abandoned Warehouse.

Later on.

The Force of their blows are blows is enough to destroy a Warehouse, and Luther rips out the Liberians skull and spine (another good strength feat given these characters durability, which I will touch on next.

First off, before giving explicit scans about durability, I would like to say that the above scan is a good showing of durability as both were able to survive the warehouse falling down.

Luther gets shot Point blank several times by a gun, and the Bullets remain lodged in his chest rather than passing straight through.

1.Luther is unaffected by blows from normal men,

2. Can fall from great heights without injury.

So what about Jack the Ripper Then?

Well, while he's weaker, relying more on his speed, agility and finesse to kill, he has two main showings of Durability and Strength.

1. Snaps Luther's arm in two places (impressive given his durability).

2. Smashed in to Concrete, causing a huge crater, unharmed (the first scan happens about a minute later).


Again Luther and The Liberian are closely matched in this regard, but this is an area where Jack the Ripper shines. He is very quick, even when compared to Luther and the Liberian. And how quick are they, you may ask? Well..........

Nonchalant Bullet-Dodging at Nigh Point Blank range. Luther was able to match him blow for Blow. This is further justified by this feat.....

1. effortlessly Bullet-Timing and Blur Speed.

2. Slices through guards with his hand (also good strength feat), and before the fodder fall to the ground, slices and blitzes some more

3. Tranq bullets fired at him, able to turn around and use body as shield (also a good situational awareness feat).

These feats are good because, they enable us to judge just how fast Jack the Ripper is.

Luther is unable to react to Jack Blitzing him. Throughout the fight he seems to be essentially toying with him, going so much as to make patterns on Luther's chest by cutting him.

Blitzes Binder, moving so fast he doesn't even see him. Binder is another person who shares Luther and the Liberian's powers........

Can deflect a Bullet a point Blank Range after the Bullet is fired, as well as dodge an entire clip of Tommy Gun ammo at point blank range.


Now with these feats I feel that my team has the ability to match anyone from your team. They have speed, as well as strength to make sure they won't be easily overwhelmed. However, I feel that what really gives my team an advantage is healing. Its my teams ace in the hole, and is there most notable power.

Luther strode superhumans are pretty much an expy's of Bone Claw Wolverine when it comes to Healing. Its their primary power. I start off with his least impressive feat.

This was Luther in his earliest stages of his career. He gets shot several times point blank. First off the Bullets get lodged in his muscles, indicating a durability feat, and he's able to push them out.

Here as part of his final fight with the Liberian- he get disemboweled, but uses his guts to snap the neck of the Liberian (who continues to fight unharmed), healing the damage nearly instantly.

Gets cut multiple times by Jack the Ripper (the guy blitzing him), a few scans later, all the cuts have gone.

Perhaps most impressively,

Binder, another talented individual uses knives coated in toxins to target Luther's nerve clusters, thus preventing his mind from telling his body to heal. He Overpowers them and continues fighting.

Rendered jugulars and Broken Necks are parlor tricks to Jack and The Liberian.

I was a badass, then I took a knife to the throat........ Oh wait I'm still badass- and talking!!!

Jack Snaps Luther's arm while his neck is broken.

So what does this Prove?

First off, that fire from your team is going to be ineffective. Not only do all of my characters have a good chance of avoiding it, due to Speed, but their durability and healing factors should shrug off any hits they do take. This forces your team to go H2H with mine, in which the healing capabilities, combined with there enhanced physical attributes, should help them fair well. All three of my team should have a stat advantage over Deadpool when it comes to strength (TBF it could be arguable with Jack), and the healing combined with their stats should prove troublesome to Vash and Cloud in a straight up fight.

Now you did mention the teleporter and Holographic illusions used to kill anyone of members. Apart from the fact that my members are exceptionally hard to kill, fast and strong, so a sneak attack probably won't do the job, Jack the Ripper possesses enhanced senses.

Jack has the ability to smell people's Blood. So with two days alongside the rest of my team, combined with the fact that he's already cut up Luther pretty good, he should be able to literally sniff any shenanigans out.

Furthermore, Luther and the Liberian are also explicitly stated to have Pre-Cog. While this may not eliminate the three hour prep your team has, it certainly makes your plans more suspect to being figured out.

While it Luther showing this ability, the Liberian is the first person to explain it, which alludes to the fact that he has it to

If you notice The Liberian states Luther has the ability to see 1000 moves ahead, and he later unlocks the ability to use his Pre-Cog on Superhuman's as well.

It even gives Luther Theoretical patterns of what may happen if he follows a certain path of action.

ability has been unsurprisingly dubbed as "meat vision"

My plan?

My team to be fair are not the best of friends. However, they are brutal, relentless and their healing and special abilites give them a real edge up close. With their endurance and speed, my team should have no trouble covering every the area quickly and as a result memorizing the place.


Luther and The Liberian get the Prom. Vision.

Jack gets the Camo and Energy Sword.

3 Hour Prep Time for Plan.

Device a Plan in which Luther and the Liberian use the Vision to Highlight enemies, and give locations to Jack. Luther and The Liberian then charge- getting the attention of your team. Their speed and healing means that they won't go down easily, if at all, and have a good chance of taking someone out by themselves. While the enemy/enemies are occupied, Jack uses his camo to sneak up unseen and take out the enemy with his energy sword. Jack's speed means he's more than capable of doing this IMO. If the sword runs out he can switch to his knives. By the time the Camo runs out, Jack has a good chance of assassinating one member, and can repeat the whole stealth gambit once it recharges.


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@laflux said:


Luther and The Liberian get the Prom. Vision.

Promethean Vision may be assigned to a single character, not two.

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@laflux said:


Luther and The Liberian get the Prom. Vision.

Promethean Vision may be assigned to a single character, not two.

Good job making sure the rules are enforced in your tourney.

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@laflux said:


Luther and The Liberian get the Prom. Vision.

Promethean Vision may be assigned to a single character, not two.

I meant either Luther or Liberian have it, it doesn't matter who........

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@jokergeist: Is this still open or is it too late to make posts?

Thanks for reading,


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@floopay: lol you have so much time left to make posts. Voting is far from open. @cadencev2 and @sovereign91001 finished their match early so I opened votes for them only.

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@laflux: As impressive as his bullet dodging was, none of his attacks were against a marksman anywhere near Deadpool or Vash the Stampede's level. Especially, Vash the Stampede's level.

Vash the Stampede

15:20-15:40 - Vash is able to throw ordinary pebbles from over 20 meters away and redirect bullets from their initial trajectory without even looking at where he's throwing.

5:00-6:00 - Vash, while he has headsets on listening to music making it too hard to hear, is easily dodging bullets while goofing around and dancing. All a charade to get into this bar.

14:30-14:50 - Throws a keg to hit a table at just the right angle to launch his gun so it'd be in position so that while in mid-jump it lands in his hands perfectly.

15:10-15:20 - Unloads his pistol just right so that the bullets fly into a guy's face and he misses his shot.

Against Caine the Long-Shot

He is able to determine somebodies location by simply calculating the time and angle between shots

Vash the Stampede vs. the Samurai

Okay, this guy is way above bullet timer. Even against Vash the Stampede's assault rifle fire, this guy is effortlessly deflecting, and dodging every bullet from close range. However, Vash, within the span of only a minute or so, has already seen through this guy's fighting style, and the next shot puts the guy down.

Also to note, Vash is superhuman in every capacity.

Bullet Timer, Genius, Superhuman Senses

Vash is very fast himself. Here, he is easily dodging bullet fire with zero issue. He's dodging near point blank range assault rifle gun fire from multiple sources. And when all is said and done, he knows exactly who has bullets left, because he's counted the number of bullets fired from each gun...

Vash the Stampede vs. Hard Puncher

Hard Puncher has a fist the size of a car that shoots at over 200 km/hr, or 124.5 miles/hr.

The stopping power on Vash's gun is able to stop this thing in 5 shots. Then with his sixth shot he snaps the cable that is attached to this thing (that is a high stress cable to be able to support that much spinning, and pull back that much weight over and over again. This fist is able to smash through entire concrete/steel structures in one go).

So his bullets are a bit more powerful and have a bit more stopping power than a normal handgun or a normal machine gun.

Zack Fair


Lightning - Blasts 1-3 bolts of lightning, each one capable of shattering stone pillars upon impact, and firing at blinding speeds.

Fire Materia - Capable of blasting apart steel and hits a wide area of effect.

Haste Materia - Multiplies his speed a few times over for an extended period of time.

Heal Materia - When used can render someone immune to any sort of status effect, and cure them of any ailment.

Zack is well trained, but how well trained?

Well, he's taken on a group of Genesis clones, who are above him in every physical sense, with a parasol (big umbrella) and while in swim trunks...(canon)

Zack Fair vs. Ifrit

Ifrit is a godly being, Zack takes him on, and isn't able to finish him. Sephiroth shows up and finishes Ifrit off, but Zack survives and does pretty well, doesn't really show any signs that he needed help either.

Watch as little or as much as you want.

Zack Fair vs. Bahamut FURY

Bahamut Fury is something of a godly being, I'll be posting some more Bahamut videos later, he's no joke.

0:45-8:00 - Don't watch the whole thing, it's mostly gameplay, but he does defeat it

Allows him to take on Angeal

Angeal at this point merges with a bunch of monsters and becomes

0:50-1:05 - Dodges Angeal's first attack

1:10-2:30 - Defeat Angeal, though it's gameplay, and most people should know my stance on gameplay is that it's non-canon, only cutscenes are canon, but the feat of him defeating Angeal is still canon

2:45-4:00 - Inherits the Buster Sword

4:50-5:30 - Twirls that Buster Sword like it's no big deal. That's more impressive than you may think.

Even allows him to stand up to Sephiroth for quite some time

1:00-1:10 - This is actually a big deal. Notice Zack cuts down that reinforced door? Relatively impressive, but it's a feat that I will be coming back to over and over again throughout this thread. Why? It's the first time someone showed that cutting through heavy duty materials requires strength, and it's not because of their weapons.

3:00-3:30 - Blocks an attack from Sephiroth

3:30-6:00 - Again, gameplay is non-canon, and it stands to reason to state that Zack never even hit him, considering Sephiroth is completely unharmed in the following scene.

6:00-6:40 - Survives being flung around by Sephiroth, and even blocks his attacks.

Zack's first fight with Genesis. Note, Genesis is decaying at this point in the game, but he's still extremely enhanced, and this is before Zack gets the Buster Sword

0:20-0:40 - Zack bullrushes in, and attacks Genesis. However, notice how Genesis is still physically stronger than Zack

0:50-1:35 - Zack does pretty dang well against Genesis in this fight scene

1:36-End - This video skips the gameplay, but Zack defeats Genesis. Don't have to watch this portion, it's all story with no feats other than the one.


Healing Factor

Do I even have to post this? Deadpool's healing factor is dang near unmatched. The only one I've seen that matches his is Alucard and Hulk full rage.

Missing a few scans, but you get the point

I don't feel like screenshotting and pasting all the scans, however, you get the point. He's essentially liquified by a virus injected into him that turned him into a blue guy (really rough summary here), and Cable swallows him, then vomits him out, and within a page or two he regenerates back to life.

Deadpool vs. Taskmaster

In Deadpool's first solo series, he confronted Taskmaster. In the first round, he lost. But was able to fight pretty well with him for awhile. However, in the second round Deadpool was smart enough to figure out Taskmaster's gimmick, and whooped him pretty hardcore. With only a sword. It should also be noted that Deadpool's healing factor wasn't working during this fight.

Deadpool vs. Taskmaster, Round 2.

Deadpool has both his hands and feet manacled. And Taskmaster is NOT holding back during this fight. Deadpool pretty much embarasses Taskmaster in this fight, even dodges gunshot fire from Tasky (no easy task), and hits him with a blowgun.

Deadpool vs. Sabertooth

Sabertooth, who has similar regeneration and durability feats to your characters, doesn't hold up well against Deadpool's barrage of bullets. Over and above this he has his katanas to resort to.


Staying the same.

Zack can increase his, or anyone in my team's speed. Making them at least twice as fast as they already are, which is a huge bonus.

He also has damage materia to throw out RPG+ level blasts that would easily damage or kill most of your team if they hit. With the AoE on fire materia, he doesn't exactly have to hit them dead on either, and it travels at near bullet speeds.

Vash has dealt with bullet timers before, and if he can snipe something from miles off that's moving at superhuman speeds, I think he can handle a few superhuman characters. Over and above this, he himself is superhuman in every aspect, and has a hidden assault rifle in his arm, so there's that.

Deadpool, well, he's freakin' Deadpool. One of comics greatest healing factors, one of comics greatest gunslingers, and a top tier martial artist. What more could I ask for? Over and above this he has grenades, a cloaking device, a holographic projector, and a teleportation device (all standard gear). Plus he has an RPG to open the battle up with.

Thanks for reading,


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@floopay I swear to god if you actually manage to use the coin...

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@laflux Where the hell are you? Did you die?

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Due to the incomplete nature of the debate, I'm going with @floopay. I would have loved to see some more of laflux's team, and a few more arguments. It would have been extremely close imo.

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@jokergeist: My laptop died on me, and I couldn't screenshot the scans I needed. I've only just got it fixed today.

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I will withhold my vote.

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@laflux: GREAT!!! I'm postponing voting then! :D

Go ahead and continue your debate with @floopay

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@jokergeist: I'm still waiting on his rebuttal...

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This battle was brought to you by,