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Setting is in a hideout of the Red Skull's both are at peak fighting strength and have a full arsenal of weapons.

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Red Skull wins.

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Joker for sure!!!!!

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Red Skull should win here
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The Red Skull should win..depending on which one it is.The newest one is pretty weak.

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red skull

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red skull

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In a straight fight  (like this one), The Red Skull has it.  In competition with each other, each of them playing to their own personal strengths, Joker wins.

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Red Skull kills the clown prince of crime.

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red skull

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Red Skull would probably win but Joker can take A LOT of pain so it might take a while

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Joker wins.

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NightFang said:
"Joker wins."

No way Joker has near enough no fighting skill
and Red Skull could take on Captain America in hand to hand combat
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Skull is a master strategist while Joker is beyond unpredictable.... ends in they're mutual deaths.

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Red Skull was a physical equal of Captain America and a skilled fighter, without some prep time Joker gets beat to death.

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the joker's fighting ability really morphs a lot. sometimes he can fight, but other times he is pretty weak. however, i would go with the joker. he is like a deranged batman.

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Although it ultimately ended up as a stalemate in the crossover, Red Skull exhibited superior fighting skills...

Plus, even below his physical peak, he's had some very impressive physical feats. Not sure how it might turn out with their full arsenal of weapons, though... Sure Red Skull would probably triumph Joker in that department too, but I'd imagine Joker would have some tricks up his sleeve to keep things interesting.

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What do you think,

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Edit: Dammit CV.

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Joker is a slightly better character than Skull, but Skull wins 10/10.

Joker really has little to no fighting skills, Skull is a great fighter and (although I haven't seen him win) can hold his own against Cap in terms of skill.

Joker is a psychotic genius, and is good at setting up scenarios and playing tricks on people but in a straight up fight he's toast against most people.

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@jj62: I feel the need to address "little to no fighting skills".

Joker can fight Batman near evenly. The only reason he often loses is to get Batman to break his rule. He wants to commit suicide by Batman.

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The skull with a stomp.

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With their full arsenal means the skull has the cosmic cube?, because that answers everything XD

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@ecsnclr: Good thibg Skull isn't a grammar nazi.

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The Red Skull has Professor X's powers now, so with that plus his fighting skill I think he would destroy!

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@youngwonderman said:

The Red Skull has Professor X's powers now

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the joker wins if it is the batman arkham city edition he is awsome

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Red Skull is much more skilled then Joker.

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The joker stands a chance. He's scrappy, unpredictable, a quick thinker, and a survivor. He should be able to trick red skull.

Especially if he has time to set traps and learn his opponents and exploit their emotional weaknesses

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Red Skull puts his foot through Joker's head.

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Need I say more.

Red Skull stomps.

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@zijuun: this is definitely not a stomp. I could see if joker couldn't fight or was an idiot. But he is a pretty decent fighter and as smart as batman ( some might argue smarter).

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My man Johann.

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Red Skull can't shoot

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Why does the red skull win ?

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skull should win

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If joker has scheme time he wins... He would make red skull cry for mommy. Head-to-head red skull shoots joker in the head lol

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Red Skull