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Wokay, so King Kai decides to give Arale a big job

She is tasked to replace Bills' brains with a pile of poop, to complete her mission the God of Destruction is detained in an indestructible* harness that keeps his head exposed (think of it as a pillory). This harness negates/rebounds back all of his 'offensive/non-defensive' powers, and since Bills is strong Arale will keep punching his skull until it breaks (give her a good 100 years) so that she can replace his brain with poo.

Will she clear this challenge with these requirements?

*as in cannot be destroyed in any way or form

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He kicks her in the balls

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she can go ssj 1 but thats not enough

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: @russellmania77: she can't (although strength is vastly superior than the average DB character)

but she can casually do this

She does not have nards >.>

@kingjames447: Toriyama's other work, Dr. Slump

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She wins

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