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Battle of the ultimate bad ass cops.

Round 1. Straight up fist fight, no weapons

Round 2. Anything goes, any weapons allowed start 20 feet apart.

Who wins?

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Round 1...Riggs because he was a former Green Beret and would own the two of them.

Round 2...Axel would be dead within seconds...and I say that Riggs pulls out the final victory against McClane and kills him but at a heavy cost to himself. Yeah, I say Riggs.

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Round 1 Riggs in a absolute stomp .Round 2 should go to Mclean but I'm not sure. I know if he had prep and propper surroundings Mclain should win.

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Round 1: Riggs FTW

Round 2: Mclain, Yippee-ki-yay, Motherf*cker

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Mclean, far too badass and will take out the others.