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Team 1: JLA Most Powerful Team

Nabu, Wally West (Kingdom Come), Golden Superman Prime, HoG ION, ZH Parallax, Phantom Stranger, Spectre (Unbound)


The Presence has decided that the Marvel Universe is the greatest source of evil in known existence. To correct this, it gathered the most powerful versions of the JLA and sent them in to destroy all of the Marvel reality (multiverse).

TOAA for some reason has decided to not interfere, and allowed the Living Tribunal to mount a defense as he sees fit. LT recruits everyone at or below his power level to fight.

The DC team materializes in the Marvel universe and the fight begins. They are all bloodlusted. Everyone on both sides is able to begin the fight with defenses up. DC team wins if they can destroy the entire Marvel team and their multiverse.

Can the JLA team do it? Who ends up still standing on the winning side?

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What version of Marvel characters? Current versions or a special version? Like thor or Runeking Thor?

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So Mad Jim Jasper?

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Ok marvel Universe Win. im sorry but Classic Strange, Phoenix, Living Tribunal, and Even Galactus who knows self preservation will be there plus the heralds would put up a good fight, and The Vishanti, Crytorak and stuff would take them out

and if Strange, phoenix, LT, Galactus (and his heralds), Vishanti, Odin, Eternity and Crytorak are the first wave JLA never make it past them

And if somehow those guys get beat, Doom and Thanos are both capable of listening to reason and alongside with Reed, Hank Pym, Black Panther, and Tony could definitely put their heads together even bring back the infinity gauntlet for Thanos or someone to use. i just dont see DC getting through the Marvel Universe

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I actually think they have a chance at doing it.

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If it's classic versions, Marvel U wins. If current, then DC should have a chance. But I still think Marvel wins either way. HUGE outnumbering by Marvel. ZH Parallax, Spectre, and Superman DC 1 Million aren't enough to take on LT, Classic Strange, Thanos, or Galactus.

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Sorry dude, but these large scale universal battles aren't allowed. Too many people and too many factors to make for fair and adjustable arguments.