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Kasumi Takes The Victory She Too Fast.

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kasumi would whoop jin azz, plus i don't like jin new fighting style like his old one better.

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naw, i got jin, his devil form would tear her in half.....

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Jin wins this, he'd also tear Tengu a new one.

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Kasumi. :)

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Can Jin go to his final form?

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Jin, Devil form, or no Devil form, he's still physically superior, and a better fighter.

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Jin is way to strong and way too durable for this fight. IF she is faster, it's not by much and one God Fist would have her near K.O. Status.

This is a mismatch in my opinion give the level of damage Jin can dish out and take, plus he has the added devil Gene which will boost his power and offer him a random transformation with flight, lasers and TK.

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Jin kills her.

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It ends in sex. Expect a new Mishima/Kazama in Tekken 7 XD

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jin will detroy her. she might faster but, jin is more powerful. her hits want phase him at all.