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I did Jeesper vs Daredevil before and Daredevil loose, so now come the next issue jajajaja

In the past fight Jeespers destroyed daredevil... and he is about to die in the hands of the fearsome butcher demon, then from the nowhere Ironfist appears and attack Jeespers, he drops Daredevil. Daredevil is very very hurt but he still have his weapon and can and want's to fight and help Dany.


Ironfist have total control of his Qi, also he is bloodlusted and want's Jeepers "dead".

Daredevil is very hurt, but he still bloodlusted, want revenge and have his weapon (nunchakus/bo).

Jeepers wants blood is very angry, he can fly, and have one axe, two of his stars.

Battle to dead.

The fight take place in de mojave desert.

no prep.

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Ironfist one shots the creeper no way he can take that kind of destructive force

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Mismatch. Danny slaughters.