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Jean and Wanda have both been depowered and must fight each other in a cat scrap. Winner regains their power, loser does not. Lest, both are very motivated and willing to fight dirty. Which red-head heroine will win?

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Jean beats the crap outta wanda. Shes been trained most of her life, wanda has not.

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I also think Jean would win. The only H2H showing I have seen from Wanda was from COTCII, which I think is canon but not generally accepted on CV as such, and she threw Cable and stated she had H2H training from Captain America. Other than that I have seen no showings for Wanda.

Jean has also had H2H training and has shown it more consistently on panel, and it was more impressive, considering these ladies are not really known for their prowess in physical combat, than Wanda.

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Wanda will win bitches !!!!!!!!

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No she won't.

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Jean kicks the Witch`s ass.