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This is a PURE TELEKINESIS BATTLE. No energy attacks, no mind wiping, no Phoenix Force, no Deathball! Just pure telekinesis. The physical stats will be equalized, so if a rock can injure Jean it can also injure Frieza.

Round 1: Move That!

Here both Jean and Frieza stand 100 miles from a boulder. Who can pick up the heaviest one?

Round 2: Battle!

This is a battle based purely on telekinesis. Physical stats equal (esp. durability, Friza can move a fast as a human no more). This is an all out battle but all movements that are not ground based must be done with telekinesis (so if Frieza flies he must use telekinesis to do so). Who wins?

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Jean Grey wins. She's got better feats and she's got molecular TK

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Round 1. Idk

Round 2. JG will be murdered the same way as Krillin was(exploded from inside).

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jean wins.

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jean wins

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jean is much more powerful as a pure telepath she takes this easy.

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Round 1: It could go either way

Round 2: Jean Grey wrecks

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If she has no Phoenix then Frieza is more powerful. Jean has a plethora more feats but Frieza's few are better I think. Of course if she has Phoenix level telekinesis then this is not even a competition. Basically base Jean is outclassed, but Phoenix Jean does the outclassing. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think it's as simple as that.

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@zr0c00l said:

jean is much more powerful as a pure telepath she takes this easy.

It is not a telepathy battle but a telekinesis one