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Dr. Doom is one step closer to obtaining the Ultimate Nullifier. The only thing in his way is Jean Grey (non-Phoenix). Dr. Doom laughs at Jean because he says his willpower trumps any TP attack and his armor can overcome her TK assaults (he is wearing a suit that he used to defeat Magneto). He then calls her a 'ho.' Jean says she can wipe the floor with him, literally and physically. Who wins? Two rounds: Morals off and then until either one gets KO or submits. Fight takes place at the lobby of the Four Freedom Plaza.

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Doom smashes her

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Unfair thread. Dr. Doom

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Doom. Even if Jean was Phoenix, give Doom enough prep, and he will find a way.

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Damn Doom gets a suit that enables him to do battle with magneto and Jean doesn't get the Phoenix force? You want ol' girl to lose, don't you?

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Jean goes bye bye