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Sign Up: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/battles-7/joewell-s-cartoon-tournament-closed-1464112/?page=3

Challenge Thread:http://www.comicvine.com/forums/battles-7/joewell-s-cartoon-tournament-challenge-thread-1464939/#5


  • If a your opponent doesn't post a reply in 4 days there out by forfeit
  • First person to 7 votes win
  • There will be standard info of your teams characters, nothing to in depth
  • Your team will act like they have been working together for 1 month ( without perk )
  • Your characters main objective will be to take down the other team through kill, incap, or KO.
  • No Battlefield Removal


Fight at Ragnarok from Halo 4. _______'s Team will start at Red Base, ________'s will start at Blue

There will be 5 Spartans that you can control. Each are armed with a Magnum and Battle Rifle.

The Vehicles aren't there but anything else thats usually on the ground will be.

8 Elites armed with Energy Swords are in the middle, they are neutral and will attack anybody.


A Little Extra Help: 10 more spartans will join you. Armed with Magnum and Battle Rifle

New Recruit: One of your characters will gain Masterchief Armor with your choice of Armor Perk and any 2 weapons from halo

Vroom, Vroom: You can get all vehicles from Halo 4 and spawn them at your base when ever you want

The_Last Son of Czarnia:

Perk: Super Soldier Serum

Johnny Bravo (Johnny Bravo)

Jay Sherman (The Critic)

Mighty Max (Mighty Max, armed with the Cosmic Cap)


Perk: TBA

Venom(Spider Man)

Quicksilver(X-Men Evolution)


I choose "A Little Extra Help"

Writeup forthcoming...

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This video shows most of Zs'Skayr's powers. You can see his Ectonurite minions at around 4:40.

Alright so here's how my opening goes. Quicksilver rushes out to disarm every Spartan and Elite not on my side. He's been shown to effortlessly move faster than the human eye can follow so this shouldn't be any problem. Once he gets back which shouldn't take more than a few seconds, Zs'Skayr will take off his skin and turn every Spartan on my side into Ectonurites except for one which he will possess. Ectonurites are a race of aliens with the power to fly, density control, and invisibility with their skin on. With their skin off they can possess enemies as well as shoot blasts of energy and TK. Now my whole team bull rushes yours as they slaughter every single enemy in sight with no effort at all.

Yup, that's how it is.

If the video isn't showing then here's the link http://www.metacafe.com/watch/7920048/duel_with_zsskayr/

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"Here's what I think of your plan, Max - it stinks!"

"Trust me on this, guys. There are 23 opposing army dudes, a fast guy, and two aliens. I've had experience with weirder."

"Hnh ha! Where are all the hot chicks? Man I'm pretty."

"Look, if we somehow make it out of here alive, you might find some, but in the meantime, we really have to focus. Stick together, and in well-lit areas. Remember that serum they gave us? Use it wisely. If you think you see anything out of the corner of your eye, or the water splash, stick out your leg. If you get shot at, dodge. Got it? I'm going to put the troops in formation. Ok you guys stand like this back here, and if you notice anything use suppressive fire. Use the buddy system. Alright, Johnny, I want you to sing continuously for the duration of the battle. And practice your moves."

Max then gathers some mud, and waits...

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@juiceboks: as an aside, that's one hell of a team you have. Best of luck.

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This should be good

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May the voting commence!

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