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Yeah another stupid and pointless battle thread but I say Jarvis. The man has to put up with way too much.

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Wasn't Alfred a former British spy or something similar? If so Jarvis doesn't really have a chance.

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Jarvis boxed in the Royal Navy so Jarvis would stomp Alfred's bum.

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Alfred was a spy and he has some hand to hand skills so he's no cake walk.

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You can't walk on a cake. Well, maybe you could if it were big and stale.

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lol It wouldnt be much of a cake then would it?

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Buckshot says:

"You can't walk on a cake. Well, maybe you could if it were big and stale."

Depends on the cake. If it was one of them low fat Entenmann's ones, you could walk on it but Jarvis wouldn't allow that in the mansion I'm sure. Neither would Alfred.

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I would go with alfred he can kick some arse

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Doesn't Alfred know that stuff where you hit the pressure point and it makes them fall instantly or something?

Though Alfred wins for the sense of humour.

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Alfred has worked with Batman so he's got to know some moves

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alfred...he is in better shape.

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Alfred he was trained by a Brittain agency or something.

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Alfred survive World Ward 2?, Survive Gotham after well a mob war, being destroyed and all those crazy thing, oh Gotham a nice place to live.  
Also i remember that even movie Alfred say he was a spy, he take down one of Ras bodyguards, with one punch, during Batman adventures i think was 13, say that gotham criminals try to kidnap him all the time, he say a number something like 20 times or something like that.  
I mean they try to take Alfrend an Alfred beat them.

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Well if it's a "who's the better butler" thread, then I'd have to say Jarvis, at least we've seen Jarvis clean, in all the Batman issues he's been in, I don't think I've ever seen Alfred clean!
If it's a proper fight I'd maybe, probably go for Jarvis, like come on, he's an Avenger! :)