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Poll: Jamie Lannister vs. Kale Drago (Game of Thrones (8 votes)

Jamie Lannister 38%
Kale Drago 63%

Who do you think would win in a fight? Both get regular fighting gear. Book versions.

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One does not simply defeat a Lannister...except a Dothraki

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Is this before or after the incident in book 3 involving Jaime?



Kale Drogo

1 long green braid


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yall are just biased because no one wants to vote for incest boy....

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I'd give it to Drogo. Drogo is the greatest warrior of a much bigger "area" and Jamie was only maybe second best behind Selmy when it came to swordsmanship. Dothraki are also good at abusing armored opponents which is Jamie's natural fighting state. I'll give it to Drogo 6/10, it would be a really close fight though.

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aww hell gnaw, yall dun up and done it