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Captain Kirk vs Han Solo in an old style western draw. Kirk has a standard phaser, and Han has his DL-44 blaster pistol. One shot for each man. Morales: off, not that I needed to say that anyway.

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The man whose ENTIRE SCHTICK is that he shoots first.

I'm giving it to Solo.

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Don't underestimate Kirk with a phaser, you don't exactly have to be accurate with those.

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Really? Its a stomp for Han then?

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No, it's not a stomp for Han.

Kirk has a phaser.

If they both fire at the same time, the blaster plasma will phase through the phaser and both Kirk and Han will get hit. But the difference in damage is this:

  • Kirk will get 3rd to 4th degree burns and possibly in critical condition depending where he gets hit.
  • Han would get vaporized since Kirk era standard phasers are set in a frequency that breaks atomic bonds and separates the electrons from the atoms.


Kirk has a chance of survival. Han doesn't.

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Han solo wins by quickdraw.

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I hate to sound like I'm going for the popular team, but Han has this.

Kirk's more than well trained with a phaser, but even morals off, he's still more experienced talking his way out of these situations, or at least pausing for a split second to consider his options.

Han on the other hand lives from one hilariously outnumbered shootout to the next. His pistol isn't some tool he'll use if necessary, it's an extension of himself he'll use to Wilhelm a motherf***er the moment it becomes the quickest solution.

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Han if it's a quick-draw deal. Kirk wins in a fist fight.