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No Prep

Location: Ceasers Palace (Las Vegas)

Bond: 1 Silent Pistol, Handgun and SniperRifle

Batman: Standard equipment

Two-Face: Semi-Automatic, Handgun and Knife

Bourne: 2 Handguns, Brass Knuckles, M16-Rifle


Winner Via K.O. or Death

Morals on

Place your bets who wins?

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Two-Face is useless and doesn't have half the training anyone else here does. Team 1 destroys.

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Team 1. Two face is weak link.

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If this is Peirce Brosnan Bond then he get wrecked by Bourne, Bats wrecks Two Face and Bats takes out Bourne. If it's Daniel Craig bond then team 1 in a stomp.

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Team 1 in an almost flawless victory.

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if its brosnans bond then its just batman basically.

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Team 1 ftw

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Two Face is not useless in Batman :Year ONE it is revealed that he works out a lot but muscles don't mean anything so team 1

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this is going to be the first and i hope only time i ever say "batman's" team would win.

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if this is comic version batman then he solos, if it's nolan's then jason bourne solos

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Team one, bond and batman is just too good of a team :D