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Frylock has 30 days to prepare a prison break for Master Shake. Aqua Teens make it into an area of the prison with several rows of empty hangars. Alice and Jailbot stand between them and way forward. I would say bloodlusted no morals, but these characters are already that. A jail break at Superjail seems impossible because 'toon force', but could the two Aqua Teens make it past the two Jailers?

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Frylock has invented some really great machines plus he has flight and laser eyes. Meatwad is basically indestructible as far a s knives, bullets, and such.

Alice is... ballsy and very tough so she might be able to help in some kind of way. Jailbot is the main factor here to me though. He's so swift, brutal, and armored. Frylock would have to invent so devastating s*** to have a chance.