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All five Jaegers


Optimus Prime, Megatron, Fallen, Devastator, Bumble-Bee, Skids, Mudflap, Wheelie

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Five Jaegers: Gypsy Danger, Striker Eureka, Crimson Typhoon, Cherno Alpha, and Coyote Tango

All the Transformers in the pic in addition to the ones mentioned.

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The Jaegers would literally STOMP

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Transformers are just too small.

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Traformers are truck/car size.

Jaegers pick up 2 containers like they where neon sticks.


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Doesn't matter how many transformers you bring in, until any of them have better durability then Ironman in his silly movie, Gypsy Danger can just plasma cannon them to bits or just simply walk on them.

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I know one transformer that'd kick gypsy danger's ass ...

TIDAL WAVE!!!!!!!!!!!! and his fusion with Megatron, BURNING MEGATRON!!!!!!!! (G-gundam ripoff I know)

But yeah, they'd wreck the Jaegers ....

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Jaegers stomp. They're too big, too strong, and too durable for the Transformers to be a challenge. Transformers turn into cars. Gipsy Danger swung a boat like a baseball bat that was a good 50,000 times bigger then a car.

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Jaegers stomp

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The jaegers will stomp the puny transformers its not even funny.

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better fight would be them against metroplex and burning megatron

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The problem here is the Fallen. The guy can only be killed by someone possessing the Matrix of Leadership and is a magnetic manipulator.

The main issue I see here is mobility and firepower. None of the Jaegers are particularly fast or agile nor have they been shown to hit small targets.

Blackout comes equipped with an EMP attack that could knock out Striker in one hit.

Starscream can fly and attack at supersonic speeds and his missiles will eventually kill the pilots of everyone but maybe Cherno Alpha.

Depending on which Megatron we have, he could also be quite a problem as his speed and damage are too much for the Jaegers to deal with.

If Soundwave goes orbital then he can launch Ravage and take out one of the Jaegers no problem.

Jaegers are made to take on targets of similar size, they would be less than useless against things that both have the firepower to compete and the speed to leave them in the dust.

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Damn you should have brought in Sentinel Prime...
He had a goddamn rust cannon.

One shot to all those jaegers and they'll literally start melting

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The Transformers can win if they play it smart and don't try h2h combat.

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All is see are jaegers vs a bunch of metal scraps.

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As much as I don't like transformers, they could win but I want the Jaegers to win.

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I'm not sure a Jaeger would even notice if it stepped on Optimus Prime.

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You wanna make this fair?



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I guess I'm going to make the logical arguement... (or at least try to. lol!) First off, giving the Jaegers size and strength, it would easily stomp out the transformers... if they were standing still. Example: do you know how hard it is to smack a fly or wasp without the use of a swatter while they are in flight!? Yes, The Jaegers could easily smash on the transformers however, if anyone remembers the original Transformers animated movie where they took on Unicron. Hell, They took him on in TF: Armada, TF: Cybertron and TF: Prime. Same results. Yes, two heads are better than one, however two brains come no where close to the speed and processing power of a computer in every transformer. Optimus Prime didn't become a Prime by choice. Given the opportunity (Up for speculation), Optimus would've scanned and found out that the Jaegers week spot would be the TWO HUMAN PILOTS chilling in the head of their Jaeger and he would easily slice his way through the back of the neck (you never fight clean. It's a fight. Also, it's the same same tactic used by humans when fighting titans for anyone who has seen Attack On Titan, great show!) and easily do away with the humans inside. One more... In the words of Sentinel Prime... "On Cybertron, we were gods. And here, they call us machines... Let the humans serve us, or perish." Next...

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The Jaegers and Transformers get stomped.

Liberty Prime showed up and gave them a big taste of Democracy

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Bring in this guy.

Metroplex baby! Optimus Prime isn't even as big as his hand.

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The jaegers will rapestomp the puny transformers its not even funny.

Please refrain from using that type of language.

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Transformers will win. You can't forget that in the Transformers universe there is also Unicron and Primus who are Planet size, and pretty much everyone is the size of an ant. Overall, if Unicron came into battle, everyone will lose unless Optimus Prime uses his Matrix of Leadership against Unicron or Primus gets revived from his Cybertron mode. Either Jaegers are ant size also compared to Unicron and Primus.

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Pretty sure the Jaegars...

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If the Jaegers ever hit the Transformers, then they could pull it off, but that's only providing they actually hit.

Are these movie versions of the Transformers? That's what's pictured, so I'm just making sure.

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Movie versions lose badly as Megaton was a joke as hes over powered planetary beings like this in the comics .Also i don't have full fight so if any body does have the missing scans please post . Deceptigod & D-Void .

seriously comic book Megaton would probably solo .

Devastator can be huge as well with strength going over 500 plus tons .

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Seriously, movie transformers? I liked the movies for the special effects and creative backstories(like the space race reason) but the movie versions are just not good enough. Seriously, give the Transformers Trypticon, Metroplex, and combiners like Devastator and Menasaur.

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Movie transformers gets crushed mercilessly and proceeds to destroy the remaining crapbots including michael bay.

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Matrix of leadership trumps all!!!

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I bet Fallen could do some decent damage. They'll go toe to toe with Devastator, that's a toss up. It would go like Gypsy vs the Ape Kaiju. Optimus is not to be underestimated. I doubt it counts as canon, but in the Transformers game Optimus has to take down Devastator through a lot of climbing and stabbing as well as explosives. Do the Transformers get some NEST backup?

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Jaegers win easily, gypsy has a plasma cannon, along with the crimson tide, and the striker eureka's missiles too.

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@eisenfauste: wtf man does anyone here know that megatron has programed supercomputers with his head. Megatron has a fusion canon, fallen can lift up objects no problem in movie though. Bumblebee has a plasma canon as well devastator has a short size difference in comparison with the jaegers. Skids and mudflap are migids but they will rip the jaegers head just like how skids did to devastator. This is how the battle goes. The jaegers see the transformers, megatron reprograms striker with his head or shoots strikers head, skids mudflap and bumblebee will destroy gipsy's head. Optimus will slice alphas foot and alpha goes down and then optimus rips alpha apart because alpha cant reach him. The fallen never dies and will throw typhoon around. Just cause they are migids to the jaegers doesnt mean that they are not strong. Never judge a robot because of his size.

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Transformers stand a chance.

Can't Megatron just like hack into one of the Jaegers.

I'm giving this to Transformers.

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@unknowzillagod: Not going to happen, if this is the movie versions all of them die easily here. Megatron has not been shown to hack tech, starscream stole some files, impressive, but they are facing much more advanced tech with the jaegers. Bumble bee has been damaged by plasma cannons that were 1/25 the size of gypsy's, anyone of them will be vaporized in one hit. If its EU megatron then I can see him actually taking down some of the jaegers.

Devastator will be the factor here, but against the jaegers he will die, I mean heck Gypsy tanked a nuke, none of these transformers have even shown durability on that scale, so no Transformers will not win.

Btw fallen picked up some rubble and tanks, has never shown picking up something the size of a building and throwing it around. So no fallen won't do much here.

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TF would win, by a very long shot.... Maybe some autobots would die, but i mean they have fought bigger and tougher... They fought Unicron, Galvatron, and more. Plus, TF have been alive longer and had more experience than humans.

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One plasma cannon shot would kill multiple, Jaegers take majority.

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TF would win, by a very long shot.... Maybe some autobots would die, but i mean they have fought bigger and tougher... They fought Unicron, Galvatron, and more. Plus, TF have been alive longer and had more experience than humans.


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TF would win, by a very long shot.... Maybe some autobots would die, but i mean they have fought bigger and tougher... They fought Unicron, Galvatron, and more. Plus, TF have been alive longer and had more experience than humans.

This is movie transformers.. why are you bringing transformers that is not shown in movies.?

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Metroplex serves as the background of the picture, he was too big to fit his entire body. He joins the fight :3

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@eisenfauste: wtf do u mean it will not happen. it will happen megatron can go solo, optimus can slice and dice the jaegers. skids and mudflap will act like king kong and destroy the jaegers. U do not know megatron and i know he can reprogram the jeagers to self destruct. even movie optimus have u seen what optimus did to the driller. jet optimus would go solo and kill everyone of those jaegers. he will shoot down striker's missiles before it hits optimus. have u seen the precision optimus did to the building. optimus has blade's made of freakn pure energon. what can it cut huh, it can cut the world's largest ruby. size means nothing and being small and going supersonic speeds means headshot easy. if the jaegers get ahit on jet optimus he can jet sweep halfway of the country and self repair their. the jaegers are too slow and too big.

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i think people really over state the size. it doesn't mean that much.

Humans are bigger than fleas. You know how hard it is to hit one? And these ones shoot back. all it would take is to take out a knee and the Jaeger is done.

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Jaegars win.

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@diredrill: Your right, but don't forget that the Jaegers pack some serious firepower, they could still knock 'em out. However, a good EMP pulse would indeed disable everyone except for Gipsy, who would be destroyed by all the transformers.

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Transformers... Jaegers are big but that's all they have.

Pound for pound the transformers have done much more.

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Jaegars stomp hard.Gypsy while really damaged took a nuke underwater and didn't do much.Transformers don't got that kind of firepower

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duh bayformers gets crushed along with michael bay.