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A triple threat battle that takes place in London England. Alucard has been granted access to all his states granting him full power. The fight is a random encounter taking place at night. Who wins and why?

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Well, Goodbye London. lol :P this is an interesting battle. My vote goes to WW Hulk considering his ability to take on sentry, but Hawksmoor's abilities are a wildcard here. Alucard will be able to endure some major torture, but in between the Hulk's ever increasing stats and Jack's control over the entire city, cant really do squat. If anything Alucard's 3million souls might amp the other two, considering how Jack becomes stronger based on how many people inhabit a city, and an already severely pissed ww hulk vs 3million undead, it may turn out as one long beatdown on Alucard. I can see Hulk beating either of the other two on his own, but I cant see Alucard doing it to Hulk. Not sure how UNDEAD being in a city affects Jack's powers, but if it DID amp Jack, Alu's screwed.

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I'm pretty sure Jack can use the City to BFR WWH to space. Don't know much about Alucard, but he's suppossed to really powerful IIRC.

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Either of them won't be killing Alucard, ridiculous healing, and comes back from being killed if he is, don't know how well his weapons would work on them @princearagorn1 you have any idea's on how this will go, or do you have some solid alucard feats.

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Wwhulk I think..

A planet bust should do the job.

Alucard doesn't have the physical stats to majorly hurt hulk.

And this hulk can stay like that forever..... So in the end hulk

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@eisenfauste: I'm sure the God of Cities would have no trouble burying Alucard at the centre of the earth