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Flash, unless Hawksmoor has shown to have light speed reaction, which I don't think he has

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No prep is abit unfair imo for Jack..

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Err...no prep for Jack...or at least a bit of a staggered start seems unfair...lol. 

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Jack has killed a speedster in his city before...

And he can land hits on Midnighter (who's killed a few speedsters himself), but I wouldn't say those things enough to prove he can beat Flash if he were going all out...but there's nothing to say he is. Depends how Flash plays it. If he acts like he normally does, he's not going to trounce Hawksmoor before he can get a word in. If Flash doesn't know where Jack is (thread doesn't make it clear and even with them a mile from each other, it doesn't mean Flash can see Jack, there are plenty of buildings that could be in the way) Jack might have a chance. With the seconds Flash (in character) would waste finding him, Jack could get anywhere in the city. Knowing he's got an enemy to fight, Jack wouldn't lose track of him. He has his precog, the ability too see through every window, track every heartbeat, etc, etc. He could stay away from Flash and have the city take him down. Sucking him into the ground and crushing him would probably be the easiest thing, he just needs distance. It's unlikely that he'd really get it though.
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interesting, I was wondering about Jack's precog ability and it's effectiveness here.  Even in a big city like NY it shouldn't take the Flash no more than a few moments to find Jack and what can Jack really do to negate Wally's speed here? I was thinking even if Jack knew an enemy is coming for him and is near by how can he really stop or subdue what he can not see? I thought Jack's reaction speed was still a peak human rather than super human? correct me if I may have made a false assumption here...
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Jack probably could stop The Flash ( Wally West ) assuming its In Character... though Wally's overall speed is way too fast for Jack... I recall Wally moving hundreds of times faster than light easily... though I do not think that type of speed is usually something Wally travels at...
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@capall2: Jack's reaction speed might be low level superhuman (given his easy bullet-dodging and engaging Midnighter h2h and doing ok more than once). He wouldn't be depending on his own reflexes though. He wouldn't be trying to engage Flash on his own, he'd be using the city. If Flash slows down at any point (which he might if he can't find Jack anywhere), Jack could easily pull him underground by turning the street to liquid. If Flash doesn't slow down, Jack could throw other things at him. Flash isn't normally likely to trip because his mind is as fast as his body and he'd see something stuck out in front of him, but Jack can do things that won't be seen. He could make pieces of the ground stick out enough that Flash could trip but not enough so that Flash would see unless he was looking. Jack can also affect the gravity and weather in the city which could interfere with Flash's running and make him an easier target.
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@Buckshot: Nice scans, scratch my last post then. I'm going with my boy Jack.
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The Flash wins.

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flash can search the entire city under seconds, I doubt jack will have the time to even locate flash.

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I still say flash.

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aww. forgot about the weather issue.  I think I coincide on the fact that with morals on there isn't any reason as to why Wally would be running multiple times speed of light here so if he were to slow down then Jack most likely would figure a way to stop Wally since he is so much more versatile in the city.  I guess it would all depend on the imagination as well as the surrounding environment that would have a huge factor here...
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i think flash is outclassed here. I think jack given his abilities in the city would know where flash is at all times, given that there is no prep time. Jack at the start has the advantage.  Given that People don't generally travel faster than the speed of light on the earth because of what that would do to it.  I don't see him doing that in the city.  So i don't think speed of light travel at the beginning of this fight would really be an issue.  I think wally would be more concerned as to why buildings are attacking him, and what the source of the attack was.

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Jack's pretty comparable to Mirror Master in terms of his ability to move through the city and attack without warning.
Flash beats up Mirror Master pretty regularly.  Jack brings some other stuff to the table but not enough, I think.