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Who wins this Bloodlusted battle?
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I think Chad has a chance at winning this

where all the bleach heads at

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Chad is definitely stronger and probably about equal in speed.  Kira is a good match for him though; he knows exactly how to use his zanpakuto to neuter physically superior oppontents, and he's also quite skilled with kido.  Chad's "Hulk smash" fighting style probably won't work very well against someone as nuanced as Kira.

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Izuru. He's faster and more experienced than chad and is the best at kidou among the vice captains.

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His shikai is gonna be a b!tch for Chad to deal with.

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Kira has flash step, Chad hasn't
Besides his Shikai can double the weight of Chad's body

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that sounds like a great training tool. he should use it to bulk up.