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For some reason, I'm not sure why, IT has come to Gatlin. A town with a bunch of children, the preferred meal of IT seems perfect. It begins to massacre, them, doing the usual. This attracts the attention of the Corn Children's, leader He Who Walks Behind the Rows, who decides to deal with this interloper.

Both of these well entities have their full powers in effect here.

Does IT get sacrificed or whatever, to the evil corn god, or does He Who Walks Behind the Rows end up floating?

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@Wolfrazer said:
Yeah, I dont know anything about He Who Walks Behind the Rows... 
@Lasiurus: Any links maybe for some more info?
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I'm going with Pennywise just because he doesn't walk behind any rows.


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Interesting fight.

We never got to see He Who Walks Behind the Roses feats until Children Of The Corn 666 Issscs Return.............

He Who Walks Behind The Rows is a Human form. Hes like a version of the Antichrist.

With his Mind, he forced a female cop to shoot herself.

He was able to make his body go up a wall while he was killing Isaac. He Who Walks Behind The Rows got killed in an explosion.

However, Pennywise in so many ways has different abiliies, he mind warps, he can teleport, he can stay as a spiritual form. Pennywise IT made his face show in the moon and up high in he Sewers.

The Only weakness IT has is hes a Spider who works through illusions, if He Who Walks Behind The Rose has no idea that Pennywise is a Spider, then he has no way of killing him, plus the kids were gifted when they defeated Pennywise as the Spider. The rock that Bevy hit Pennywise with was the gift of good........

I would say in a good fight Pennywise has this.

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@Lasiurus: Cool, thanks! 
@ImmortalT1000: Good points. In the links above, there is some speculation that He Who Walks Behind the Rows could be Randall Flagg...if that is so, then the level of magic and longevity he has shown throughout all of his appearances would lead me to believe he is more powerful overall than Pennywise (who is just primarily a telepath correct?).. 
I could be wrong though, as I dont remember anything at all of Pennywise's creation/rise to his level of power...lol
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I'd say he who walks behind the rows

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It for the win. The only way to beat Pennywise is The Ritual of Chud. He who walks doesn't stand a chance.