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Morals Off

X-Men get 7 days prep

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To clarify the line up, its:




Jean Grey(Pre Phoenix)



Professor X(In control of Tony who is in control of Mark 42)

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The X-Men take this mostly due to Tony and Iceman (storm may help a little too)

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What exactly is rogue going to do here?

Also the Mark 42 was just a prototype and barely functional should just give him Mark V or VII

Going with the Iron Men the X-men will get overwhelmed by their speed and repulsers which I see non of the X-men holding up to it besides Wolverine.

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Ok, so Professor X has control of Tony? Stomp in the X-men's favor then. Prof X makes Tony tell the armors to power down. Done.

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Scott will take out one or two but movie Cyclops was pretty crummy.

None of them are going to land so Wolverine is pointless.

Rogue, just as pointless.

Iceman can take out a few but same with Cyclops, not going to make it.

Jean can scrap a few but she will soon be overpowerd, he shields in the moves are not nearly as good as the comics.

Storm wins this, just creates a few category 5 tornados, nothing those suits did in the movie is getting through.

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Professor X should solo by making Tony shut them down.