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Iron Man




Not a Fight.

Race Type: Sprint.

Starting point: A- New York City to Point B- Miami City.

Win by: fist one to make it in Miami.

edit, IM can fly.

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@ArrowRain: Which IM suit?

And unless I need to catch up on my Marvel comics, the IM suits aren't meant for running at any great speed so I'll say the QS runs to Miami and back before IM hits Virginia.

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No reason why Iron Man can't take this. Flight beats driving anyday...less friction equals more speed. Period. Iron Man has zero obstacles in his way. Quicksilver is not so fortunate here.

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Quicksilver is driving?

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@lorbo: This is a sprinting race in which case IM has no chance.

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Buried Alien aka Fastforward comes out of nowhere and LOLSTOMPS both.

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Last time I saw Quick Silver he was sporting Flash like feats, this is an insanely one sided race.

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Iron Man can fly if he wants.

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Isn't IM's flight speed greater than Pietro's running speed?

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Quicksilver runs the speed of sound, Iron man outflies military jets which exceed the speed of sound, Iron man wins.

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Quicksilver easily. He's run half way around the world in 90 seconds. And outraced radiowaves.

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@Fernando072295REBORN said:

Quicksilver easily. He's run half way around the world in 90 seconds. And outraced radiowaves.

In order to achieve this feat (the 90 second thing), you would need to travel at 562,500 Miles Per Hour. Quicksilver cannot run at this speed, you made this up.

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Iron Man actually pretty easily. Current Iron Man can reach escape velocity (5 mi/sec) very easily, fly in excess of Mach 10. His old armor (i.e. Classic) was fast enough to escape a miniaturized black hole. So he's pretty much faster than Pietro by a good margin.

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How fast is IM and Quicksilver?

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I didn't make up anything up. Read a comic.

Also lol @ questioning the feat when he was moving faster than light when he outraced radio waves.

And topped the first feat by going around 608,800 mph here:



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even if IM had a top speed comparable to quicksilver he his acceleration wont be as fast as Pietros. Its a lot easier for Quicksilver to speed up than it is for IM

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Who wins????

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@theDCkid: Quicksilver outran radiowaves, pretty sure that is faster than the speed of sound by a lot, like thousands of times faster, like light speed fast. Iron man's fastest speed is mach 10.
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Quick Silver wins.

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On average overall showings I would say Quicksilver is a little faster than Ironman, Tony will usually top out around Mach 8 and Quicksilver is known to push himself to Mach 15

but Tony has hit escape velocity, 23,000 mph or mach 32 but then again Quicksilver has some light speed feats 671 , 000, 000 mph.....crazy speeds

Ironman has impressive reflexes, his brain his wired into his suit so his reactions are far beyond peak human, he even hurt Spider-Man with his speed

However Quicksilver reflexes are even higher, he looked at objects and mullets hang motionless in the air, and he has dodged Thor's blasts while trash talking saying how slow his lightning bolts were, Thor is at least bullet time reflexes and Quicksilver has blitzed other speedsters making them look slow. Quicksilvers reactions should also be higher than Ironman's