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I've been hearing a lot that iron man is the highest tier character that naruto can take, but can he actually take naruto? Well naruto be too much for Tony or Will Tony prove too much for naruto?

Naruto gets 1 day of prep mainly to observe the other opponent and see what they are capable of. Only naruto is bloodlusted and fight takes place on earth. They can talk with others to plan. So naruto can talk with sasuke or kakashi. This is current naruto with so6p.

Who wins and why?


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Tony Stark.

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Tony Stark via auto aim.

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Iron man.That is all

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You gave them prep...... ugh. Naruto's best chance would be bloodlusted against an unprepped Tony.

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Edit : wait prep ? never mind then....

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You can't give Tony Stark prep, lol. Give them both basic knowledge with no prep and then Naruto has a very good chance to take out Tony. Naruto would probably stomp Tony in a random encounter w/ morals as it is.