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As far Luffy mind reading Iron Man, the thing is that Extermis Tony is a supercomputer. His brain operates like your typrical computer in terms of operating the armor suit. He is not going to have same typical brain power that of a human. I mean Part 1 Luffy could fool Enel by duming down his brain, you have to wonder if Luffy could even interpret the actions of some moving cybernetic armor.

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Luffy wins

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Well... I learned something. Or perhaps realized something. Iron Man using sonics would take Luffy down *sobs* lol. So yeah, luffy gets deafened and Iron Man melts the rubber man. Luffy may be able to dodge for a while with haki, but whatever pain Luffy would get from the sonic attacks I think would be enough of a distraction for Iron man to get him. I did actually learn Iron man had way more speed than I gave him credit for.

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Here are some assorted strength feats:

Xan still project illusions as seen here:

Rather than turning invisible he just projects an illusion of himself or others.

Iron Mans Repulsors and Missiles will be too much.


In the end Tony can just Mach 8 Punch Luffy's face and KO him faster than he did Savage She Hulk.

Luffy has nothing on IM here. Especially his Extremis Armor.

But luffy is immune to physical/blunt attacks.

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IM wins, nuke to the land below.

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Why bump this?


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@jimishim12: Luffy could probably outrun the nuke explosion like he outran the explosion he was in the center of at Punk Hazard.

LMFAO @ The fact that Luffy can actually beat Iron Man. Idk if that shows how Strong Luffy is or just how weak Iron Man is xD

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@dbvse7: Iron man is not getting beat by luffy. Plus this is extremis iron man which is even worse for luffy.

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Iron Man still wins this even after 6 months

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Ironman stomps i don't see why he needs prep, i would argue that pre-extremis ironman would stomp as well. The only real problem is haki. But he can handle that just fine with barriers.