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Morals On, random encounter, fight in abandoned Metropolis, Win by KO or capture.

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Iron Man.

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I don't reckon Iron Man can actually hurt Booster.

Or rather, he can't get through Booster's forcefields.

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ironman stomps

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Fighting him would be like when he fought Kaine, although in this version it would be a much less intelligent version. This would still be a good fight to watch, if Ironman could get a hold of any of Booster's tech he could take it easy, until then Booster would have the advantage in a tech fight. I'm inclined to go with a draw but just for the sake of picking, Iron man 5.5/10

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In a random encounter IM has nothing that will get through Booster's shield. Boosters blasters when pushed can take it to doomsday. Though to be honest I see this as simple as Booster reroutes his force field through the blasters ( which he's done a few dozen times in battle quickly) and then simply contains IM in one ( capture one of the win conditions)

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Booster Gold.

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I don't know much about booster personally, but I'll refer to beatboks1 on this one

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Booster Gold wins.

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Booster to take this one. Especially if Skeets is there too.

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Booster Gold

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I think this could go either way. Ill give booster majority though

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Going with Booster for now. His armor and devices are much more technologically advanced than IMs, and his shields can almost take hits from Doomsday.. almost, which is still pretty good.

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@xeon1cs said: