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1) Green Goblin

2) Venom

3) Carnage

4) Mysterio

5) Shocker

6) War Machine

7) Iron Patriot

8) Steel

9) Crimson Dynamo

10) Detroit Steel

11) Cyborg

12) Red Tornado

13) Secret Six, Beast Boy, Spider-Man, Deadpool

No prep time, morals off.

win by death, ko, etc.

All in NYC.

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Since no prep time, He probably stops at 2.

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@hudyman said:

Since no prep time, He probably stops at 2.

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Iron Man doesn't need prep to defeat Venom..

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@hudyman said:

Since no prep time, He probably stops at 2.

Are you serious? lol

Morals off? Venom gets destroyed.

He's beaten all these characters before (except for DC). (with his morals).

I wouldn't know about the last one because I don't know who or what Secret Six is.

Spider-Man has been beaten before by him, and Deadpool can just be thrown to space.

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Without prep he probably stops at 12, maybe 13. Though really the only person in round 13 he wouldn't beat is Jeannette, and only cause he wouldn't know about her banshee cry, which should be able to take him out if he doesn't prep. for it.

By the way, he utterly obliterates Venom.

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Isn't this a bit out of order? I mean, Mysterio after Carnage and Venom? Anyway, I say he stops at Red Tornado (12).

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He destroys everybody in this gauntlet.

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Gets to 8 but he could likely clear the whole gauntlet since his suit and weaponry gives him the advantage by a lot.

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stops at 12

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Cyborg might be able to stop him.

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Maybe stops at 12 Definently stops at 13

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Probably loses in round 13