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1) Bullseye

2) Kingpin

3) Toad

4) Lizard

5) Lady Deathstrike

6) Green Goblin

7) Venom

8) Sandman

9) Doc Ock

10) Azazel

11) Sebastian Shaw

12) David North

13) Abomination

14) Dr. Doom

15) Magneto

16) Absorbing Man

17) Destroyer

18) Loki

No prep time for any match up, morals off.

Win by death, ko, etc.

All in NYC.

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stops at 14

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@Harryman said:


1) Bullseye-- Iron Man stomps

2) Kingpin-- Iron Man stomps

3) Toad-- Iron Man stomps

4) Lizard-- Iron Man wins 10/10, but Lizard escapes 3/10

5) Lady Deathstrike-- Iron Man wins so long as he keeps his distance 8/10

6) Green Goblin-- Iron Man takes the majority 7/10

7) Venom-- Iron Man wins 8/10, but Venom escapes 5/10

8) Sandman-- Iron Man wins 7/10, but Sandman escapes 10/10

9) Doc Ock-- Iron Man stomps

10) Azazel-- Iron Man wins 10/10, but Azazel escapes 5/10

11) Sebastian Shaw-- Iron Man can't beat Shaw, but Shaw can't get a hold of Iron Man---stalemate

12) Abomination-- Abomination wins 6.5/10. Iron Man doesn't have the power to keep Abomination down and Abomination would keep coming after him and endangering civilians forcing Iron Man to close the distance

13) Dr. Doom-- Movie Doom sucked, but his metal manipulation and energy absorption would be a problem. Dooms armor could take most of what Iron Man has in his arsenal. Iron Man would have to go for the kill via lazer. I'd say Iron Man 6/10

14) Loki-- Iron Man wins 8/10

No prep time for any match up, morals off.

Win by death, ko, etc.

All in NYC.