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IF/luke get 1 day prep they have to face killer croc,bane,manbat,,solomon grundy,redhood,talon,deadshot jokers asylum version of croc bane is fully juiced on venom deadshot has 1 sniper and 1 pistol grundy from arkham city current manbat and original redhood the first talon all the villians are in a warehouse with lots of cover they have no idea whos coming which team wins

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@thing150: Which version of Grundy?
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i said the 1 from arkham city

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@thing150: My mistake, the OP is a little hard to read. 
Current IF might be able to do this alone.
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Cage can win by him self...

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I actually think the villains might be able to pull it off since the heroes have to go to them. I think if Deadshot is as good as I hear he should be able to put Danny down while Danny is engaged with someone. Luke's durability would be problematic but the villains could probably overcome it.

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I think Cages real problem should be from bane and grundy due to the internal bleeding and bones which could be broken. Croc seems like something cage could take on. Danny seems to be able to handle the rest, his chi is powerful. not to mention the villains dont know whos coming and will probably fight amongst themselves.

So Danny and Cage

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yo its trey follow me


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luke stomps