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Random encounter

standard gear allowed

No chi

Round 1: morals on

Round 2 : morals off

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It's Batman vs Iron Fist,both rounds Iron Fist wins due to chi

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Iron Fist takes this IMO.

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i think Daredevil and Shichika could also put up a good fight. Daredevil's radar sense give him an advantage cus he can locate the other three and use batons and while Iron Fist chi strikes are more powerful, i belive Shichika's speed and combo technique could possibly take out Iron Fist .Daredevil is also very agile so he could dodge most attacks. Could go either ways in my opinion :/

but if Iron Fist take this easily then maybe i should remove chi to make it more even?

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Chi gives Danny greater striking power, he can heal himself, do AOE attacks, projectile attacks, and enhance his general attributes. Without the chi, he is still an awesome martial artist and his stats if not on par with, would be fairly close to Bats -- though I think Bats edges out him slightly in straight hand to hand (still think it would be close), though with his gear, Bats takes him down fairly handily if Danny has no chi -- and at that point, I think Bats would take the whole thing, but he'll work for it. With chi, Danny absolutely takes this (although Shichika I know very little about to be honest).

It's a fine line to walk, taking away Danny's chi and allowing others to maintain their abilities and gear. Not sure what to say on that front.

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@wyldsong: Okay sounds good, I'll remove his chi then and let the rest have their gears

oh yea, guess Shichika isn't well known so i'll have to post some videos later then

Edit: Here's some videos of Shichika with morals off