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Random encounter

morals on

1 out of 10!

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I was scared when I read the title of this thread that the OP didn't know the power of Marvel Odin

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Lol very sneaky sis

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I was scared that this was Marvel Odin vs iron Fist... I was ready to flag this for being a stomp in IF's favor.

For this Battle, Danny wins because he is Danny.

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Odin makes Danny look like an idiot.

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Odin (Ryūto Asamiya) wins. He has inner eye.

Iron fist is just a brainless fighter.

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Iron "the" Fist would take this.

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Good to see HSDK getting some love here. Most people don't realize it, but even the disciples are low level superhumans. However unlike the Batman vs Ryuto fight, I give this one to Danny.

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Where is Odin ? I don't see the Old Santa Claus looking fellow in Norse Warrior Gear in the OP... just some Anime Character.