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Random encounter/ No prep

Morales on

H2H Combat only

Location : Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

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Shiva twists him into a pretzel

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Danny kills her

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Iron fist demolishes. He is just as skilled, has proved microsecond reaction time, and has taken down a whole helicarrier with the ironfist. If he just pounded the floor like that, the shockwave alone would cause serious injuries to shiva. Let alone danny capitalizing on that.

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@batnorris: I think OP is saying without chi. Otherwise I agree with everything you say.

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ironfist this is a guy who spent his life in a magical lost ancient Chinese temple learning every type of martial art in the world and the lost art of k'un l'un
and has beaten a dragon with his bare hands and isn't shiva ppl like part dragon or something either way with chi he will dominate w/o its a 50/50 chance for both

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With chi Danny murders, without chi its a coinflip

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shiva wins if danny doesnt have access to the chi of shou lou the undying

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Danny murders Shiva.

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Iron Fist doesn't need Chi to bet her.

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(Without chi) Shiva for the majority.

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I think Iron Fist can beat her even without Chi, at least 6/10.

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Even without Chi, I think Danny beats Shiva.

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Iron Fist can do this with or without chi.

With Chi his speed is superior, and Tim Drake was able to DECIMATE Shiva when he was given a speed increase.

It'd be a closer fight without Chi, but Danny has the skill to win.

With Chi 9.5/10

Without Chi 6/10

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@mute said:

Shiva twists him into a pretzel