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Okay I've been wanting to know who would win in this battle and do not use your knowledge as a fan as to who is stronger. The battle takes place in the daytime at a desolate area and there is no help from any other hero/character. These are the moves most known by Captain Falcon: he has his knee, car, falcon kick, and most importantly falcon punch as moves. Iron Fist is most known for his top human peak, enhanced chi, and experience. All things put aside, in this battle they have everything in their separate arsenals to duke it out. So who do you think will win? Nintendo's trademark racer or the man who has mastered the ancient art of K'un lun? YOU DECIDE!

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Two words for you....

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Falcon has crazier durability


what makes him awesome is that he survived that

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Phalkaoln Paunch!!!!

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lol. animes: Let's make a character so powerful he can destroy anything without knowing it.

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@Floopay said:

Two words for you....

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Wow... so that video I saw a year ago isn't an exaggeration.

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Hehehe, Falcon Punch was my favorite in all the Super Smash Brothers. Because clearly if you aren't winning, you aren't Falcon Punching hard enough!

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I take Iron Fist.

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I know nothing about Iron Fist but if we're going for a comedic fight then I would pick Capt. Falcon by default. ;)

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Worth a bump.

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I use to wreck three people at a time with Captain Falcon in super smash brothers. Skill wise Iron fist should take this easy but Falcon just has so much more raw power. I'm taking Falcon in a hit and run.

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fist stomps captain falcon

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can captain falcon even tag danny with his falcon punch?

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Does Falcon have feats? Never watch the cartoon.